Nepalese iPhone users often face problem associated with iPhone unlock in Nepal. iPhone prices in Nepal are high, and people often ask their family and friends in abroad to bring them one. And the issue begins. The earlier carrier doesn’t support here in Nepal, and the iPhone gets locked. As the iPhone gets locked, it doesn’t support a lot of features and is no better than music or video player.

Realising the problem, many have started service of iPhone unlock in Nepal. Many of them guarantee their service and assure the customer for 100% iPhone unlock in Nepal. Now, you can unlock iPhone of any model in Nepal. Service providers offer to unlock service for all iPhone models: 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G and 2 G. You can get quick, easy, factory-grade unlock for your iPhone. However, it’s always to browse through the list of service providers. Some just claim but don’t provide reliable service.

You can have your iPhone unlock in Nepal no matter it is locked to any networks from USA, UK, Japan or any other countries. Service providers claim of having multiple ways for iPhone unlock in Nepal. You can either unlock your iPhone using various software or tools like GEVEY or X-SIM. You can also factory unlock your iPhone using IMEI method. People prefer IMEI method more these days. It’s easy to use, and all you need is IMEI number of your phone. It’s a digital method of iPhone unlock in Nepal. It is better over the GEVEY to unlock which has been reported to have been unsupportive over latest models.

How to Unlock iPhone in Nepal

Here are some methods for iPhone unlock in Nepal:

GEVEY Unlock Method

It is hardware unlock method. You will get a small chip which will be placed under your SIM. This chip helps your iPhone to get a signal. This chip can be purchased from local mobile shops or repair centres. It will cost you only about the US $15 to $30. The price depends upon the quality of the chip. However, GEVEY unlocks method isn’t much preferred these days. This method has stopped supporting the latest software updates. And it is a temporary unlock method.

iphone unlock in nepal with gevey


This method is popular these days. This method is also considered reliable, easy and cost effective. Moreover, you don’t need much technical knowledge. You can use this method yourself or get support from local mobile shop or repair centre. All you need is your device IMEI. It is a total digital service. Through online services and payments, you shall be able to iPhone unlock in Nepal. This method might cost you somewhere from the US $10 to $150 based on the carrier (Network) the device is locked to. This method is more preferred as you don’t even need to risk your privacy by handing over the phone to others. And you don’t need much technical knowledge either. All you will have to do is order online and wait for the unlock confirmation email. And you will need to activate with a local SIM card.

iphone unlock in Nepal

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