The peer to peer payment consensus network on itself and digital cryptocurrency known as Bitcoins. Bitcoins have existed since 2009. As in case of Nepal also it has been introduced since 2009, they are popularly known as a buzz in Nepali press these days. It is a currency that has monetary value.


To make Bitcoin

Bitcoin is known as one of the virtual currency that can be used to buy anything almost. It does not have any control type and is decentralized. These kinds of virtual currency are stored in a wallet. A transaction from bitcoin is more secure, fast and anonymous. They are transactions from computer power processing and is created by mining.

It is one of the open sources as anyone can access to the code easily. The prices of bitcoin are determined by demand and supply. Being called as mining, they are mined originally with the requirement of huge and always on a computing resource, a faster internetworking connectivity and the ability to wait till some bitcoins are generated. To keep everyone in synchronized system mining should be done on computer transactions over a secure network.

Bitcoins started in Nepal

In 2009, January bitcoins are first started globally via the internet which was difficult to predict when it existed. As the system should be started accordingly but bitcoins mining was startedĀ in 2011.

legality of Bitcoin

According to the Central and regulatory bank of Nepal i.e. Nepal Rastra Bank, on 13th AugustĀ 2017, it has announced that bitcoins operations and other any sort of cryptocurrency are illegal in Nepal. As bitcoins was never legal in the country despite different multinational companies like bitsewa bitcoin exchange operating in the country were still using but this system has been completely shut down all over the country. There are different notices published by Nepal police too on illegal use of bitcoins in Nepal. As according to Nepal Rastra Bank Act 2058, bitcoins are not recognized currency in Nepal. we can have a look at the notice from Nepal Rastra Bank


Bitcoins are being unsuccessful in convincing government and people whereas bitcoins has got great potential in countries like Nepal. The export of national currency in an international market for buying bitcoins is the main concern. As this system may distract the slaves from working, due to which government dislikes the system. If you have bitcoins with you then you can use them for your digital signature which won’t be against that of NRB’s policy, but if you want to operate bitcoins on daily purpose on business will be against NRB’s terms.