ISP in Nepal are maximum in Nepal. It is hard to choose best Internet in Nepal. Nepal Internet service started since long. Here are the best Internet providers in Nepal. In today’s world, Internet has been one of the basic requirements in day to day life. In Nepal also the number of Internet users is increasing day by day. The features and service like Social Media, YouTube, e-commerce, e-Learning, chatting, file sharing etc are being widely used by the people across the country.

To fulfill the increasing requirement of internet, the number of Internet Service Providers is also increasing day by day.  People in various part of country are assessing internet via these ISP using wired as well as wireless technology. Majority of people use internet in Mobile Phone and hence phone data is mostly assessed medium for internet in Nepal. Though the Internet service in Nepal is among the weakest internet service but it is improving day by day.isp in nepal nepal internet

Best Internet in Nepal

According to ISPAN there are 39 registered ISPs in Nepal. Here I will discuss top 5 ISPs in Nepal with their internet packages for Residential purpose.

  1. Worldlink

Worldlink, established in 1995 A.D is one of the oldest and biggest ISP of Nepal. Currently it provides  3 categories of  broadband services namely Fiber XXL, XL and L with speed of 50mbps, 25mbps and 5mbps respectively.

Installation Charge: Free

Dropwire Charge: Rs. 1131

Price:  For XXL- 2150 pm ( 22000 for 12 mths)

For XL – 1650 pm ( 17400 for 12 mths)

For L – 1350 pm ( 13800 for 12 mths)

Refundable Deposit: Rs. 1500

Fiber Router : Rs. 1500 for 1 month (Free for 12 mths )


  1. Vianet

Vianet is also an Internet Service Providers in Nepal established in 1999. It delivers the highest quality and affordable Fiber Optics Broadband.

Installation Charge: Free

FTTH Cable Charge: Rs. 1000

Price:  For Value – 1250 pm ( 13188 for 12 mths)

For Value Plus – 1400 pm ( 15000 for 12 mths)

For Super Value – 1650 pm ( 17400 for 12 mths)

Refundable Deposit: Rs. 1500

ONU Device Rental : Rs. 1500 for 1 month (Free for 12 mths )


  1. Subisu

Subisu is one of the largest ISP in Nepal providing various internet facilities and packages. Its unlimited plan for Fibre internet FTTH starts at Rs, 1400 p.m (Annual Rs. 14400) for 7/5 Mbps to 2300 p.m (Annual Rs. 25,200) for 60/30 Mbps. Also it provides Unlimited plan for Wireless Internet at Rs. 1100 p.m for 1.5 Mbps, 1650 p.m for 3Mbps and 2500 p.m for 5 Mbps.

  1. Broadlink

Broadlink is the old Wi-Fi Internet Internet Service Provideing Broadband company. Broadlink has been providing its Wi-Fi Internet service for Home users in Residental Bundle in 3 types of Plans for Residential Bundle namely Vintage, Robust & Platinum with speed upto 3Mbps, 5Mbps & 10 Mbps respectively. The yearly payment for the above plan are  Rs 19584, Rs. 26364 & Rs. 39924 respectively.

  1. Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom is one of the leading telecommunication and Internet Service provider in Nepal. The most used internet services provided by it are ADSL and WIMAX. For ADSL, there is  a Registration Fees is Rs. 500. Unlimited Internet Package is priced at 900 p.m for 192 Kbps and 1500 pm for 384 Kbps. For WIMAX, Registration fees is Rs. 200 and the Internet Package cost starts from Rs. 800 pm for 10GB data.