NIBL Ace Capital has announced a Job available ta NIBL Ace Capital. Interested candidates are requested to fill out the application form and submit the form at the official website called NIBL Ace Capital. 

Notice Date: March 2, 2023

NIBL Ace Capital, formerly NIBL Capital Markets Ltd, was founded in 2011 to provide excellent and specialized financial services, such as merchant banking, advising, asset management, and depository participant operations.

Job Opening at NIBL Ace Capital

More about Job Opening at NIBL Ace Capital

NIBL Ace Capital Ltd. is looking for applicants for the following role that is self-motivated, energetic, and competent:

Position: Private Equity Investment Apprenticeship (Few Seats)

Deadline for application: 1st Chaitra 2079, Before 5:30 PM

Required application for the Job Opening at NIBL Ace Capital

  • ACCA skill level or GA level I completion.
  • Having the necessary expertise in investment management, due diligence, valuation, taxes, or audit must be desired.
  • Those passionate, knowledgeable, and interested in private equity are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Requires understanding of financial modeling, financial account analysis, valuation, market research & analysis, and current corporate laws.
  • Excellent English and Nepali writing and presentation skills (English and Nepali).
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Interested candidates are requested to submit their application form at 

More about the Company:- NIBL Ace Capital

Our mission is to assist our customers in realizing and planning their financial goals and, more significantly, in achieving those goals while maintaining a carefully considered ratio of risk to reward. With the help of our network, experience, and parent company’s power, we want to become Nepal’s leading and most dependable provider of customer-focused and innovation-driven investment banking services.

Our purpose, vision, and core principles are ingrained in all we do at NIBL Ace Capital. These elements help us see the broader picture and work harmoniously to accomplish our objectives.

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