Most of the students are continue their study after NEB Education. But some students are willing to do Jobs After NEB. If students are like to continue their study and job as well as at that time students need to maintain time for study sometimes their study hampered by their job. So if you like to do job you need to maintain your time to study your graduate degree after NEB. Some students do job and not give time to read so their study is down.

After NEB exam student have time to preparation for further study but they also want to do job because his economic problem for paying for further study. At that time you need to manage your time of job by doing part time. Doing job also help to your study if you are doing study related job otherwise you get some problem to do well in your exam. But some students are doing better in both sides by managing their time.

Jobs opportunity after NEB

If you like to do job you can select study related job. There are various jobs offered to the neb students in the government field and private sector. You can choose part time job and my joining morning college or evening college. If you select part time job in day time you need to join morning Shift College by doing that you don’t need to stop your study and you are able to do job also. That helps you to maintain your economic condition and help to earn experience of doing job.

Internship after NEB examination

After complete your Study you need experience to get good job so you can make experience by doing job after NEB education that helps you to get good job after completion your graduate level study. After neb you can do Intern level job which helps you to learn something and you are able to do some works that helps you to get good job in the future. In Nepal context students are like to continue their study after higher secondary level but in other country students are doing jobs as well as study.