Jobs in Nepal is easy to get with huge jobs Nepal vacancies. Numbers of vacancies are announced daily. It was difficult previously to know about those vacancies. However, with numbers of websites in use these days based on jobs in Nepal, one can easily find vacancies and go through the application process.

Websites are offering great services as a job seeker can filter vacancies based upon his interest, qualification and preference and apply. One need not go through newspapers these days. Within some clicks, the employer will be handy of your resume and you could be getting the job very next day.

Jobs in Nepal is increasing with trending business society and manpower growing. There also rises demand of job opportunities. Various fields require a large number of human resources. You can find many jobs in Nepal too. With numbers of companies opening and lots of vacancies around, lots of jobs opportunities are created.

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Job search in Nepal

It is not a very easy thing to do. Many companies hire a very experienced person so for beginners with less experience it is, even more, harder to get a good job. In Nepal, there are very less well-paying jobs and in such cases, you often end up in a job that pays very less compared to what you expect. Having a good income just from a job is very tough in Nepal but also there are few jobs that pay you quite well.

You have to train hard, make yourself worthy for the job and then only you can get your dream job. In a country like Nepal, where Nepotism exists in offices it is even hard to land in your dream job without connections.

How to Find Jobs in Nepal

jobs in nepal

Newspapers, magazines, as well as job portals over the internet, have a large number of posts for jobs in Nepal daily. Each vacant post looks for competent applicants with job specifications and descriptions. Applicants apply when they feel competent enough for the job. Should you be looking for jobs in Nepal, you can just log in to any websites offering job and vacancy announcements.

Finding a job in Nepal has become very easy these days as you no longer need to go through daily papers. You can find the field of your interest and browse through a large number of jobs. The application process has also become easier as you can apply online.

Gorkhapatra jobs Nepal

With internet and technology developing, job applications and all the process are often carried out online these days. A resume can be sent online and other application processes are also done over the internet. Government organisations and non-government organisations publish vacancies over the internet. You can also check NEA VacancyNepal Army VacancyNepal Telecom Vacancy. These are the official jobs published by government bodies.

With the whole world using electronic media as a fast and reliable mode of communication, Nepal is also pushing itself and trying to cope with the world. Business houses, government offices, schools and colleges all own websites these days as websites have been easy access to information on jobs in Nepal.

The websites are not page limited and one can provide or upload any information he/she wants. This makes consumers and viewers easier to get detailed information about the service he/she is looking for. Nepali job portals are also dedicated to providing both job seekers as well as employers to get easy access to jobs Nepal and jobs in Nepal.

Examples of Jobs Nepal

jobs nepal

Job seekers in Nepal can post their resume and employers can select the candidate whom they might realize competent. So, job portals have also been a bridge between employers and job seekers. This makes the recruitment process easier. Moreover, companies don’t need to pay a huge amount for advertisement.

They can spend if they want to, but the job portals provide cheaper and easier service for the job advertisement. And it has been a one-stop solution for job seekers as a job seeker can retrieve hundreds of job opportunities which let him prioritize the one he feels best for him. Isn’t this amazing?

With sites announcing jobs Nepal, you can sit on your couch and apply for the posts you want and all you need to do is; wait for a phone call from the HR department of the company. Jobs in Nepal are easy to select through the portals. Applying for jobs Nepal has become very easy these days. This is why jobs Nepal is important.

Jobs in Nepal can be browsed with comfort with the use of internet growing. Moreover, the new generations have become more used to and aware of internet usage helping them with every chorus online. They find their works being done easily and job search also comes in the list of transformation.

One needn’t spend time going through newspapers and spending time in posting the applications. There are lots of job portals offering jobs in Nepal and you can just browse through them. You will see large number of categories based on the nature of the job, education requirement as well as pay scale and field.

You can find lots of jobs in Nepal with the help of job portals so, you don’t need to bother anymore. Just go online and find a job suitable for yourself.

How easy is to find a job in Nepal?

It has now been easier to search for Jobs in Nepal. With the increased use of the internet and other media, people remain updated with latest vacancies and they get easy access to the information. People no longer need to wait for the daily papers. One can just log on to the internet and find a job suitable for him.

There are large numbers of websites on the internet working as job portals in Nepal. They display a large number of jobs. They classify the job on the basis of sector, requirements, types of employers and many more which makes the job seeker easy to find the type of job he is looking for.

How easy is to apply for job in Nepal?

It has also been easier to apply for the job as resume can be sent online or those portals with ads of Jobs in Nepal also have interface letting the job seekers fill the easy form to apply for the job in a click. Those websites have worked as a bridge for both job seekers and employers.

With time, the interface and features are getting more interactive as job seekers can fill up a profile so that employers can reach out to him themselves upon finding the job seekers appropriate candidates.

This makes job seeker, as well as employer easy as seekers, don’t need to wait long and even the employers also don’t need to go through the tedious and lengthy recruitment process.

These days, you can find many jobs in Nepal with growing competition in the market. The one who can prove himself worthy is able to adjust and find a better one while others remain backward.

Smart one need not wait for vacancy announcement on papers. He can just browse through job portals, filter those he is interested in and go through the easy application process. After selecting the one jobs Nepal, he can apply for it.

Finding and applying for Jobs in Nepal had never been this easy and quick. With the growing usage of the web, things have turned rapid and convenient.

Jobs Opportunity After NEB

Most of the students are continuing their study after NEB Education. But some students are willing to do Jobs After NEB. If students are like to continue their study and job as well as at that time students need to maintain time for study sometimes their study hampered by their job. So if you like to do the job you need to maintain your time to study your graduate degree after NEB. Some students do the job and not give time to read so their study is down.

After NEB exam student has time to prepare for further study but they also want to do the job because of his economic problem for paying for further study. At that time you need to manage your time of job by doing part-time. Doing the job also help to your study if you are doing a study-related job otherwise you get some problem to do well in your exam. But some students are doing better on both sides by managing their time.

If you like to do a job you can select a study-related job. There are various jobs offered to the neb students in the government field and private sector. You can choose a part-time job and my joining morning college or evening college. If you select a part-time job in day time you need to join morning Shift College by doing that you don’t need to stop your study and you are able to do the job also. That helps you to maintain your economic condition and help to earn experience of doing the job.

How to get your dream job in Nepal

All of us have a dream job that we want to do. In fact, the reason we are studying is somewhere that we want to get our dream job. But it is very tough to get a dream job. There are so many competitors in the market and there are so many people who want the same job. In Country like Nepal, it is very tough to groom yourself to the point you get your dream job.

dream job in Nepal

But if you are determined and have the right skills, there is nothing you can’t do. The trick is being employable or sellable so that the employers will feel your need. In the article, I am listing a few tips to prepare yourself for the dream job. These tips will help you get your dream job.

 These tips are no magic that you will get a job any time soon. You may have to work hard for years until you finally get the job. So before starting the article let me tell you that these tips require time and dedication.

Focus on your studies

If you are graduate students and often think of your dream job, then make sure to focus on your study at the moment. There is no way you can get your dream job without good grades. You will have to stay focused on your studies while pursuing them. Don’t get distracted by other things just focus on your studies, grades and how you can improve them. This is the first step that you should take a student. While you study also make sure to work on your leadership skills and confidence. Take leadership is college projects and learn to have faith in yourself.

Build you skills and improve your resume

A resume is the first thing that the employer sees about you. So remember you need o have a good resume, Your resume speaks for you in preliminary job screening so you need a strong resume. When I say strong resume, I don’t mean adding fake things to it. Update your skills and make your resume strong. If you have graduated right after you may not have good working experience so use your skills or even internship experience to stand out among the rest. Follow the recent style of making a resume. You can search online on how to make your resume effective. Having a strong resume is the first step to your dream job.

Build connections

 I have stated the term Nepotism ahead as well. An only good resume can’t get you a job but it is very important for you to build connections. It is one of the talents you should have, you should meet new people and build a connection with them especially people related to your field. For instance, if you want to work in the modelling industry, meet models and related people. That way you understand the industry better and at the same time build connections that may help you later on. You can make networking via linked in as well. LinkedIn is a great site to meet and be familiar with the professional of a diverse field.

Job search process

Once you have acquired the right skills and experience for the job. It is time for you to start searching for a job. Job search is an important part of finding a job. Many people don’t spend much time in a job search and end up no finding a suitable job. You can find job openings in newspapers, in job posting sites as in Jobs, and so on. You can also find job openings on the respective website of the companies.

When you find a suitable job that matches your interests and at the same time the job you are qualified for. Don’t apply for a job that you are under-qualified for. You will end up depressed and frustrated. I have seen many people doing so. If you apply for the job you are qualified for, there are high chances you will get called for an interview.

Facing the Interview

If you do everything right, then there are chances you get called for an interview. You can now use your confidence and leadership skills to impress the interviewers. The purpose of the interview is to check if you have the skills listed in your resume. People often lie in a resume and end up not getting the job later.

If you have been called for interview then your resume has worked and you have skills required for the job. The only task now is to prove to them that you are more of what your resume speaks for.

Tips for interview

  • Appear with confidence. Confidence is key when it comes to interviews. If you have not lied in your resume there is nothing to be afraid of.
  •  Dress smart and arrive on time. Make sure to arrive in time for the interview. If you arrive late then it will leave a negative impression on the interviewer. Another important thing is to dress smart. You can wear formals and even go with little makeup. Makeup and dressing smart will boost your confidence.
  • Be patient while answering the questions. Remember you have already passed the first stage so there must something in you that not many people have. So be patient while answering the questions. Don’t panic and stay focused.
  • Be polite while approaching the interviewer. After the end of the interview as well, don’t forget to kindly thank the interviewer for giving you a chance.

Online Jobs in Nepal

Everyone looks for easy online jobs. Many Nepalese want to experience online jobs. Go to and search for an online job. You will find many links saying earn more money by doing the home-based online job, and many of you might have visited those links. While you visit their links, most of them require your name and email address saying that they will deliver free jobs to your email address and pay $ 500 a day for just doing less than a two-hour job.

But when you leave your name and email on their site, they will frequently send an email to you saying donate $5 to them, made a one-time payment of $35 and had full access to their job database, etc..etc.

But in reality, they are all fake. If they can give you $500 for just working 2 hours a day then why don’t they give you the job and charge you $35 from your salary?

Why they need the payment first?

You will happily give $200 if they give $ 500 for just two hours job.

So, remember and keep in mind that they are all fake. If you want to do the job online, then you have to join a freelancing site like,, etc. You won’t get anything until you work for it. Nobody on this earth has a tree of money to give $500 in two hours without working hard.

If you are searching for online jobs in your part-time, we will happily involve you if you have good writing skill in English. Mail us on[at] We will select and pay as per your skill. We have lots of websites with us, and we will guide you to write articles too. All we need is your will power. It’s free to join. We will pay for you.

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Jobs for Student in Nepal

When you are in Nepal it is quite tough for students to earn while you study at the same time. The courses are designed in such a way that students don’t find time for that and also there are very less part-time jobs students can do in free hours.

In Foreign developed countries, students get a flexible working hour and they earn while they learn. They look for their expenses on their own. They pay their fees on their own and here we are in Nepal asking our parents for our daily expenses. Wouldn’t it be great if we could work at the same time and also continue our studies?

jobs for student in Nepal

There are many students who go their college in the morning and work in the day. But many of the courses in Nepal have day classes so in that case, it is impossible for students to work and earn for themselves. But having said that, I myself have day classes but I am working at the same time.

There are many jobs in Nepal which you can take up while studying full time as well. In the article, I am listing a few jobs that you can do even if you don’t have a graduate degree or even when you can’t give full time for your jobs. Some of these jobs are online as well so you can work from home as well.

Online article writing

 There are so many online magazines that require a writer for themselves. If you have good writing skills and can make proper use of the internet then for sure you can do this job. This is an ideal job if you have full-time classes and can’t go to the office. This is a home-based online job in Nepal.

You have the right skills then make sure to apply for the job. The trend of the online portal is increasing a lot in the past few years so there are many companies willing to hire people. But before you join let me tell you this is not an easy job. Writing can be tough and at times very annoying. And you will get paid on a pay per article basis.

So it is up to you how much you can and want to make. You need to have good English and good grammar to excel at this job. Minimum qualification of plus two is enough for similar jobs. But many companies may also hire an experienced professional at a higher rate.


 If you have not completed your graduation but are looking for an easy and well-paying job, Then you can be a receptionist. All you need is politeness and you should learn how to deal with people.

You are ready to stay at the front desk and welcome guests. Many big companies and even small companies hire a receptionist for basic chores as picking up the phone, greeting the guest and other similar stuff. You don’t need much experience or qualification for this job.

The receptionist is an ideal job for undergraduate students who have to also focus on studies. This is a stress-free job, you don’t bring troubles in your office home in this job. Previously only girls used to be a receptionist but now even boys are hired as a receptionist. So all the best, make money while you study and look for your expenses on your own.


 If you have a good physique, right attitude and confidence you can try and become a model. Not just for your passion but for money as well. In modelling, you need investment at first but once you get noticed you will earn instead. This is a field of glamour and style. There are many people who do part-time modelling and earn a good amount of money.

Initially, you will have to work on yourself do portfolio shoots, meet people and then finally can get noticed. You will start getting offers then. You can do music videos, work for ads and run the ramp walk. If you are really passionate about modelling ten you will be making good money for doing something you actually enjoy.

You can contact modelling agencies to start your modelling career. This field is ever-growing and you can have a great future in the same field.

You will earn not only money but fame and recognition as well. Above all, you will meet people from diverse field. So if you are looking for making some extra money then go for it.

Call Centre

 The call center is one of the most exciting fields of work at this moment. You don’t need a higher qualification for this job. You need to have basic communication skills to do this job. Right now the trend of the call center has decreased but previously there were many call center jobs available.

The best thing about call center is that you get different shifts. You can work at your own time. I know it is really hard for students to manage time in between studies so you need flexible shifts. The pay is also quite good. Just apply for a job and try your luck. Even the night shift is also available, so if you can then night shift is also good for you.

Hosting Job

Hosting or anchoring job is another very good job for students in Nepal. There are many people who are doing a great job hosting. The demand for host, anchors, video jockey has been increasing every year.

So, there is tremendous potential in this field. In Nepal also, hosts are paid very well. If you have good communication skills then you are ideal for this job. You require mass facing skills then many people will hire you.

For this as well you can join agents who can connect you with clients. Students can also become a freelance host, clients will contact you themselves and you can host their program.

As a host, Students can host business conferences, formal parties or different events. You can set your own rate when you become more mature.

That way students can work on their demand and with their conditions. You don’t need a degree to do this job, you just need a pleasant personality and good speaking skills.