Kalinchowk Darshan Limited recently issued an IPO to Nepalese citizens and Nepalese Working abroad. As of now, Kalinchowk Darshan Limited IPO has collected Rs. 3.5 Crores from Nepalese Employ working Abroad| Oversubscription- 3.24 Times.

Notice Date: Dec 6, 2022

For Nepalese people working abroad, CDS & Clearing Limited (CDSC) has provided information about Kalinchowk Darshan Limited’s (KDL) public IPO collection at 10 am, Mangsir 19.

Kalinchowk Darshan Limited collected Rs. 3.5 Crores from Nepalese Employ working Abroad

Kalinchowk Darshan Limited will make an initial public offering (IPO) to the villagers impacted by the project and Nepalese individuals living abroad from Mangsir 14 to Mangsir 28, 2079. The project’s affected locals can extend the deadline to Poush 14. The company has an issued capital of 60 crores rupees, of which 2%, or 1,20,000 unit shares worth 1.2 crores rupees, have been distributed to locals who the project may harm. 10,80,000 unit shares, or 18% of the issued capital of the firm, will be distributed to the general public subsequently.

10% of the shares in this public sale, or 1,08,000 unit shares, have been reserved for Nepalese people working abroad. Nabil Investment Banking Ltd. is the IPO’s issuing manager. The minimum and maximum application quantities for project inhabitants are 10 and 4,990 units, respectively. The minimum and maximum application amounts for Nepalese nationals working abroad are 10,800 and 10,800, respectively.

More about Kalinchowk Darshan Limited IPO

According to CDSC, Nepalese nationals working abroad have submitted 982 applications for 350,270 units. There are currently 3.24 times as many subscriptions as there are issues available. CARE Ratings Nepal Limited has rated Kalinchowk Darshan Limited as “CARE-NP BB+(Is)” (CRNL). Regarding the prompt payment of debts in Nepal, issuers with this grade are deemed to have a low default risk.

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