Tribhuwan International airport is located in Kathmandu Valley, the capital city of the country. It is also called Kathmandu Airport and TIA. It is situated around 5 km away from the city center and is the only international airport in the country. Over thirty international airlines are associated with Tia and also it is a platform for several Nepali airlines.

international airport in Nepal Kathmandu Airport TIA

The best feeling is when you are about to land to your home airport and can now see your crowded Kathmandu city. The feeling that you are now home is priceless. The first thing that you see in the crowded Kathmandu city, the busy roads, the unmanaged settlements. But still, its home and you feel good. No matter how unmanaged it may look.

Best places to visit near Kathmandu Airport (TIA)

There are many places you can visit after you land at the airport. But I will be listing two places very near to the airport that is within walking distance.

Pashupatinath temple

Enlisted as a world heritage site, Pashupatinath Temple does not need any introduction. Pashupatinath Temple is 7-10 minutes walking distance away from Airport. It is the world’s one of the biggest pilgrim for Hindus. It has a very high religious significance. There are other temples nearby named Monkey Temple in Nepal.

Aviation Museum

The aviation museum is located in Sinamangal, Kathmandu Nepal. The name is called so because it is made inside Turkish airlines Airbus 330-300 which suffered a runway excursion after flying for just 8 months.

The plane crashed in 2015 at Tribhuwan International Airport and the museum was started on 28 November 2020. The setup cost of the museum is around 70 million. The museum includes an aircraft’s original setup. It also includes a miniature aircraft and things reflecting the history of Nepalese aviation. It was started under a joint initiative by CIAA Nepal and former Pilot Bed Upreti Trust. It has since then grabbed the attention of national and international tourists. You can visit this museum while you are around Kathmandu Airport.

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Best cheap hotels near Kathmandu Airport (TIA)

There are many hotels around Kathmandu Airport. You will not find any trouble getting a hotel. You can find any kind of hotel be it a cheap hotel or a 5-star hotel or a family-friendly hotel you can find all kinds of hotels near the Airport. The listings have been done in no particular order and includes a variety of hotels ranging from expensive to cheap ones.

Summit Residency Airport Hotel

It is one of the best hotels you can find around. The cost for a night stay is NRs 4652. It covers dinner, accommodation, and your breakfast. It has clean rooms and warm service to refresh you after the long flight.

Meridian suite hotel

Meridian suite hotel also has good service. And their normal suite is priced at NRs 4335 per day.

Palagya Hotel

Palagya Hotel will charge you NRs 2450 for one night that will cover dinner and breakfast.

Hotel Nandini

Per day charge of hotel nandini is NRs 2927. This cost covers dinner and breakfast as well.

The Ambadablam Hotel

The Ambadalam Hotel will charge you NRs 4586 for one night. This covers dinner and breakfast.

Hotel Temple Inn

Per day charge for hotel Temple Inn is NRs 4014. This also covers your dinner and breakfast.