Kathmandu University has published a notice regarding the Scholarship for BE in Geomatics. Interested students of this faculty are requested to fill out the application form as soon as possible.

Notice Date: December 11, 2022

Please be reminded to submit the required supporting paperwork for all undergraduate BE in Geomatics Engineering applicants who want to be evaluated for various scholarships. The documents should be submitted using the necessary ONLINE URL. To satisfy the deadline, the required paperwork must be sent in by 4 PM on December 8, 2022.

BE in Geomatics

Category of BE in Geomatics Scholarship

Group of Nepal Employees:

There are a total of four seats available for Group of Nepal Employees of BE in Geomatics

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Documentation required for Group of Nepal Employees

  • Evidence of the staff of the Engineering and Survey Group of Nepal.
  • Following the Civil Service Act of 2049, government nomination.
  • The advice of the Land Management Training Center (LMTC).
  • Copy of citizenship with certification.
  • Transcripts, certificates, and equivalents for +2.

Group of Provincial Scholarship, 35% Scholarship-

a) Female:

Seat- one

Documentation required for Group of Nepal Employees- Female Category

  • a copy of your citizenship
  • +2 diploma and transcript.


b)   Adibasi janajati/ Dalit/ Madhesi-

Seat- one

Documentation required for Group of Nepal Employees- Female Category

  • A letter from the appropriate District Administration Office.
  • The Dalit Commission claims that the nominee, Adibasi Janjati, is a Dalit! Madhesi.
  • Authenticated proof of citizenship
  • transcripts, certificates, and an equivalent for +2

c)  Backward region/ Economically Deprived

Seat- one

Documentation required for Group of Nepal Employees-Backward region/ Economically Deprived Category

  • recommendation from the local government declaring that the applicant is from an underprivileged group and comes from an area that Nijamati SewaAin considers to be developing slowly.
  • The candidate’s transcript, SEE, +2 certificate, and a statement from the institution attesting to this fact should state that they have attended other institutions and are economically challenged.
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d) Provincial Open Merit

Seat- one

Documentation required for Group of Nepal Employees- Provincial Open Merit Category

  • Your citizenship certificate: one copy.
  • Academic diploma.

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