KFC is one of the largest chicken, popular chicken kitchen in the world. It is based in Louisville, Kentucky. It is homestyle sides specialized with original Recipe, Colonel’s Crispy Strips chicken and freshly made sandwiches. In the world, nearly 8 million people are served daily by KFC. The same old crispy crunchy recipe which was developed more than half century ago by sander are serving to those 8 million people daily. They are moving in more than 300 countries with the same old recipe by serving mouth-watering dishes. KFC has been count as number one in the market due to their mission of serving quality food,  eco-friendly environment, clean atmosphere and friendly service in western style.

KFC in Nepal

As we know that KFC is serving its customers with good environment and quality food in among more than 300 countries among them Nepal is also one of them. KFC has its branches in different places in Nepal.  With the population of around 28,676,547, Nepal is one of the smallest country, where Nepalese of Indo-European and Tibetan-Nepalese are found in high rank. Most of the people speak Nepali as their mother tongue language whereas English and other language are spoken upon their belonging ethnic group.  In spite of facing troubles, Nepal has got a lot of potential for different investment and others. There are a lot of attractive emerging investment opportunities in Nepal some of them are Information technology which may include software development, call centers, training, education, fashion, food services etc.

As we Nepal is one of the developing countries, as there is a lot of advantages to investing in industries and so on. As KFC targeted Nepal for starting its business due to being one of growing industries which may be advantageous. As people in Nepal prefer to try new items every day, they are often called as food lovers. It is one of the reasons that company has to enter into food industry market in Nepal. There are many fast foods available in Nepal among them KFC takes place of the international food chain to be operated in Nepal.  In few years Nepal has been investing huge capital like shopping malls, branded clothes, so with the view of expanding purchasing power KFC has entered into the market with the aim of attracting its local consumers from international standard food services and quality.

After study and research of market for about 2 years KFC was successful to open its food chain in the capital city of Nepal I.e. Kathmandu. After many research, they were successful to start their business in Durbar Marg due to a different reason.

Why is KFC in Durbar Marg?

  • High standard or high-class people usually stay around
  • People around are highly conscious about brand name and are interested to eat in high place
  • As the income of people is a little bit higher in comparison that of other local people as due to which they can spend a little bit more in comparison than that of other fast food


Why is KFC in Kathmandu?

The main aim of choosing Kathmandu is that as more population is found in Kathmandu as more industries, educational sectors, offices and so on lies in Kathmandu city. The different products available in KFC are burgers, hot wings, combo meals(with combine burgers, fries, soft drinks and other), Wraps, Krushers drink and shakes, ice-cream, Thalis and other dishes. As Nepali prefer more spices food so in order to fulfill satisfaction the have added spicy chicken, Ginger burger which is considered as best selling product among others.

Why is KFC in Pokhara?

Pokhara is a tourism place. Lots of tourists visit Pokhara. There are none of the tourists who have not heard the name of KFC. So, KFC saw lots of opportunity in Pokhara. Pokhara has lots of tourist destinations like Bungee Jump in Pokhara.

Prices of food items in KFC

  1. Veggie Snack (Burger) – It cost Rs.69
  2. Chicken Snack (Burger) – It costs Rs.79
  3. Hot wings (3 pc) – It cost Rs.119
  4. Boneless chicken strips with salsa – It cost Rs.149
  5. Zinger Burger – It cost Rs.149
  6. Veggie Feast meal ( Burger) – It cost Rs.209
  7. Zinger meal (Burger) – It cost Rs.259
  8. Chicken Meal (3 pc) – It cost Rs.339
  9. Chicken Large Bucket (12 pc) – It cost Rs.899
  10. Hot Wings Bucket (40 pc) – It cost Rs.899