Many countries including our neighboring countries India and China are in verge of becoming a cashless economy but Nepal is still way behind. Cashless economy is an economic state when financial transactions are not done through money or bank notes but through transfer of digital information. It is a system when cash is replaced by digital equivalence and money is exchanged only in electronic digital form. Cashless payment makes any transaction transparent so people won’t be able to avoid tax. Cashless economy in any country shows the economic advancement of the citizens and that country. But today, with so many services targeted towards cashless transactions in Nepal as well, we can hope that in near future we can become a cashless economy. Many services are there in Nepal as in E-sewa, Khalti and so on. Today, I will be discussing about the trending app Khalti.

What is Khalti Digital Wallet (Nepal)?

Khalti is an emerging and promising start up which aims to change the payment habit of Nepali People. It is subsidiary of Janaki Technology which is one of the leading IT company in Nepal. It is basically a digital wallet that allows cashless transactions for various bill payments, mobile recharge, shopping payments, money transfers and wallet payments. Khalti is improving every day to gain the trust of people and compete with other leading competitors. They provide you various cash backs and offers.khalti mobile app features

The startup recently won in Google Business Stories Challenge 2020 where other two startups from Nepal could make it top 3. For developing country like Nepal, it is amazing to see this kind of startups gaining popularity. This app will not only make payment process hassle –free and more convenient but will also improve life standard of Nepali People. Khalti has a promising future but for now it is a bit tough to convince people to accept this new way of payment.

How to Use Khalti Digital Wallet Application?

Here is a brief procedure on using Khalti application:

  1. Sign up to create the Khalti account through their website: Now login with your account name and password.
  2. Download the Khalti app from Google play or App store.
  3. Transfer money in your Khalti wallet through your bank or through other Khalti users.
  4. With this you can now use khalti to make any payments.

Khalti Mobile Application Features

Our country is also moving towards cashless economy and it is our responsibility to support the country in this. Here, I list the convincing features of Khalti that will make you want to use it.

  • You can pay your electricity bills without travelling all away to NEA using the Khalti app.
  • You can book your movie tickets or airline tickets easily and in much smarter way.
  • You can pay your water bills without actually going to Khaanepani.
  • Similarly you can recharge your phone or can pay your cable bills.

As I mentioned earlier you can transfer money from your bank account to your Khalti wallet and vice versa or you can transfer from one wallet to another, similarly you can transfer money to you Khalti wallet through kiosk or recharge machines. Download the app now and change your payment procedure to online from offline. Enjoy the easy service of the app and assist Nation to achieve cashless economy.