Founded in 2002, December, Linkedin is a social networking website mainly intended for networking between the professionals. Coming to now, it has become one of the most established websites used for the professional networking. It has its headquarters in California, the US and its slogan are set as “Relationships matter”. The slogan is what the website works as. It works by creating the nexus between the professionals which helps them to grow forward in their career. Linkedin is used by more than 300 million professionals, worldwide in more than 200 countries. It is multilingual and available in 24 languages. Linkedin Australia office location is 1 Martin Place, Sydney, Australia 2000.

Linkedin Australia

Linkedin is used by more than 5 million professionals in Australia alone. It has become an important part in the life of professionals in Australia. Linked in operates via websites to boost the professional networking and for the ease of job recruitment process. Users from every field of business are registered in Linkedin. Reportedly, the top 5 areas are Information technology & services, Hospital & Healthcare, Construction, Education Management and Accounting. These all areas are crucial for the development of the country. That is why Linkedin is an important aspect of the development of the country as well.

Linkedin is business and employment oriented. It is imperative for start-ups and innovations as well which is the future of the global market. The professional whether they are fresh graduates or already have a name in their respective area can register for Linkedin. The employers post jobs, and the job seekers can post their CVs. This makes the job recruitment easier as employers can search for their suitable candidate and connect with them. This connection can work as a real-world professional relationship as well. Since Linkedin uses a Gated access approach, to contact any professional registered in Linkedin, one requires either an existing relationship or an intervention of a contact of theirs. This encourages trust among the service members.
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Linkedin Australia advantages

To grow your business, you have to grow your network, and Linkedin does just that. With your increasing networking, you can endorse your professional capability as well. However, it does not mean that you just need to increase your connections. With connections, you should actively participate in the interactions as well.  When you create a profile on Linkedin, you can explain about your professional self. It is done better if it is concise and relevant. You can share your views on your areas in which you are passionate about. Linkedin facilitates the online exchange of ideas and information within a local, national and international level. When the ideas are facilitated in the right network, you can get even more innovative ideas to grow your business, to mark your brand and to grow yourselves. Linkedin automatically recommends people for you based on your areas and interest. When you find the right people to connect with, it helps you grow in the right way. However, for the full effect of Linkedin in your professional life, you should make an updated and detailed profile about yourselves with straightforward keywords used in the explanation of your skills, experiences and recommendations. You should be more active in the Linkedin groups. There are different features in Linkedin which if you use in a right way can be hugely beneficial for your professional career. You can also post your work samples, videos, images, documents and links. Linkedin which is a modern day equivalent of the business card has a lot to offer if you can take advantage of it.

linkedin australia

linkedin australia

Linkedin Australia successful professionals

There are many successful Australian professionals in Linkedin, and with the help of Linkedin, they are even more benefitted. 2016 power profiles in Linkedin included some of the successful CEOs of Australia like Cindy Hook, Andrew Penn, Alan Joyce, Brian Hartzer, Ruslan Kogan, Naomi Simson and Giam Swiegers. If you think that you have that potential to go global and successful as these people, you should get Linkedin too.