This article lists the names of greatest books ever. These are one of the most read and bestselling books of all time. If you have just started reading novels then you can start with these amazing books.

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

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Anna Karenina is a novel one of its kind . That is why it makes it up to the list.  It has got all aspects as adultery, gambling, marriage plots, and Russian feudalism. So I am sure you would love this novel. Anna Karenina was published by Time magazine in 1878. The writer is Leo Tolstoy . the novel depicts the story of two main characters Anna and Konstanin Levin. Anna is a frustrated housewife, she falls in love with a heart broken guy Konstanin Levin. Anna runs away with him . It depicts prejudices in society and also places women and her needs at the topmost priority. These characters have to face social hardships throughout and this is the main plot of the novel. The amazing story and the way it moves ahead throughout the novel is what makes this novel extraordinary and comes under greatest novel of all time.

The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald

The great Gatsby is novel written by F Scott Fitzgerald .The great Gatsby is also one of the text used in school to introduce students to art of reading. Therefore many of American have read that novel. But this novel is a must read for everyone.  The novel is narration a  young man named Nick Carraway who moves  to New York City and becomes friends with his very rich neighbor  of mysterious origin Jay Gatsby. The boy gets amazed to see the person Gatsby is, through his narration readers come to know about Gatsby  and his life. That is the overall plot  of the novel.  The novel provides brief look into the Jazz age in 1920s.

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s
One hundred years of solitude

Written by the late Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 1967, One Hundred Years of Solitude is one of the best-selling novels of all time.   The novel is about  story seven generations of a Buendia and how they establish their town of Macondo until its destruction along with their family. This looks like a very ordinary novel but the writer here explores the gene of magic realism while  normalizing the mystical things shown in the novel. Through his novel he highlights the power of myth. The story is based on Latin American culture and the way of life. The novel received very good response from readers and also many awards. He even won the Nobel prize for literature in 1982 for his excellent work.

Toni Morrison’s Beloved                       

Toni Morrison’s Beloved is one of the best novel I have read so far. This is story of a slave who escapes to Ohio in year 1873. The novel was written in 1987. The novel speaks for freedom and the trauma of slavery . The character Sethe couldn’t find happiness even after freedom because the trauma is too painful . She kills her own child named beloved so that her child will not have to go through slavery. She lives through the guilt and pain of killing her own child . The novel is one of its kind.  It beautifully portrays psychological effect of slavery on the slaves, how slavery destructs their life forever. The novel received high appreciated for its speak against slavery and it earned the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1988.

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 Virginia wolf’s   Mrs Dalloway

Virgnia wolf is one of the very well known writer . Her works are amazing as in To the light house, Orlando, A room of one’s own. She is one of the most important modernist of the 20th century. She is famous for use of stream of consciousness as a narrative device.

   Just like her other creations, Mrs Dalloway is one of its kind. This is very unique novel where she describes one day in life of a British Socialite, Clarissa Dalloway. She uses third person narration and looks into the characters mind . The novel relies heavily on its characters rather than on the plot. The characters have constant regrets and thoughts, it also relates to post stress of World war I and effect of social pressure remains the core emotion captured. The uniqueness and its idiosyncratic style makes its one of the greatest books ever.

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre                                  

 Jane Eyre is another famous book published in 1847 written by Charlotte Bronte. The book is also assigned to school students for reading. So there are only few who are unaware of this book.

  This is a story of a women, it talks about individualism for women . This is journey of character Jane Eyre who rises to become a successful and independent woman from a poor orphaned kid. The novel progresses as Jane Eyre moves ahead, this is story of feminism, individualism and how a women passes through phases of her life with her own struggles. This is an extra ordinary novel about a women written in the time there were only few novels about women .         

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To Kill a Mocking bird

  To kill a mocking bird is an excellent piece of art written by Harper Lee ,one of the most influential author in literature . She published her only book To kill a mocking bird in 1960 and her only book made her immortal in the history of literature. Lee died in 2015 after her only book .  This book right after coming in market became the best-selling books of all time and gem in the literature field. This novel speaks against racism while it looks at it through perspective of a young girl named Jean Louise. The novel is written from view of a young innocent child while the story comes alive with different characters like father Atticus finch .

This is story of racism  and the novel won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1961 and was made into an Academy Award-winning film in 1962 which made this novel even more worthy. The film gave life to the characters and also beautifully captured the essence of the novel, racism.