Lok Sewa Aayog Hetauda has released a notice regarding the examination center. The examination center is for the Staff Nurse post, General Nursing Group for the fifth level.

Notice Date: February 12, 2023

The applicants approved for the exam in Lok Sewa Aayog Hetauda will take a competitive written test per the pre-published program. It is based on the health and safety requirement established by the Nepal government. Furthermore, If any candidate requires help writing the exam, they must apply to the Public Service Commission.

Lok Sewa Aayog Hetauda

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According to rule 68(1) of the Public Service Commission’s Regulations 2079, the examination must be submitted to the Lok Sewa Aayog Hetauda Office ten days before the scheduled day. Furthermore, the documents attached must also support the request for an assistant writer.


a) If there is an unexpected holiday on the day of the examination, the examination will not be postponed as per the schedule without prior notice from the Lok Sewa Aayog Hetauda.

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b) No candidate will be admitted to the examination without admit card.
c)You should reach the exam center 1 hour before the start of the exam.
d)Mobile phones and electronic devices are prohibited in the examination hall. Calculators cannot be used in the exam.
e)Only black ink should be used in the exam. Also, the lead pen cannot be used in the answer book.
f)Apart from the designated examination center, participation will not be made in any other examination center.

h)When appearing for the exam, the candidate must bring the Nepali citizenship certificate or any other certificate with a photo issued by the government office.
Only the solutions written in capital letters A, B, C, and D will be recognized when writing the answers to objective multiple-choice questions.

Note:- 2 In the particular case of transition, according to the examination (standards related to operation and management, 2077 (with amendments), the examinee must fully comply with the following subjects
a)The mask must be worn before entering the exam center. Also, the candidate will have to arrange sanitizer and drinking water for his purpose.
b)When entering the examination center, going to the toilet, and leaving the examination center, a distance of two meters must be maintained. The instructions given by the workforce assigned to the examination must be thoroughly followed.
As a unique examination center will be arranged for the candidates infected with Covid-19, the infected examinees become infected.

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