Lok Sewa Aayog Province 1 has announced a Job Opening for an Assistant in the Fourth and Fifth Levels. Applications are invited from qualified candidates, as the following services, groups, sub-groups and A.P. open and inclusive posts for local government services have to be filled through competitive examination.

Notice Date: Jan 23, 2023

Candidates who meet the prescribed minimum qualifications can apply through the commission’s online application system; The application should be made through psc.p1.gov.np (Lok Sewa Aayog Province 1). The selection of selected candidates from the competitive examination will be recommended to the local level in order of preference. The concerned local level will give the candidates recommended permanent this way appointment. The conditions of service, salary, and other facilities will follow the prevailing law.

Lok Sewa Aayog Province 1  Job Openings for Assistant in the Fourth and Fifth Levels

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Documents to be submitted (Lok Sewa Aayog Province 1):-

Candidates must upload the minimum educational qualification, inclusive group opening documents, including the documents specified in the relevant advertisement, in the designated place of the online application system in PDF format. All the candidates have to scan both parts of their Nepali citizenship certificate and upload it in JPG format at the designated place.
The candidate should be fully responsible for the details mentioned in the application.

Application fee submission period:- After applying online mode, the candidate can apply by paying the double fee along with the Master ID and transaction code number mentioned voucher on the last date.

Pre-Interview Test Schedule and Date and Venue of Interview:- When the result of the written test is published
Notice will be published.

Candidate’s age limit:- 18 years of age till 10/15/2079 and not exceeding 35 years of age, and in the case of women and disabled candidates, not exceeding 40 years of age. There will be no age limit in case of permanent employees of civil service, state civil service and local government service.

Mode of Application:- All the advertised posts have to be submitted through the online system only through online.
Detailed information about the method/method of applying can be viewed from psconline.pl.gov.np.

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