Madi Municipality Chitwan has introduced free Transportation services to students pursuing higher education in the city.

Notice Date: December 6, 2022

Chitwan’s Madi Municipality has started offering students a free transportation service. According to the Madi Municipality in the Chitwan District, university students in the city now have access to free transportation. Following the executive meeting, it was decided to offer a free ride to the targeted pupils so they could travel to school.

Madi Municipality Chitwan Introduces Free Student Transportation

Transportation is free for students from disadvantaged groups who reside in the municipality and attend college. He asserted that business people in the transportation sector had negotiated and implemented a deal for this. He claimed that this program has now been put in place by the town to prevent students from lower socioeconomic classes from being refused access to an education due to a lack of money.

Six hundred pupils who attend the three secondary schools, Ten Plus Two, Diwakar Memorial Technical School, and Madi Campus Basantpur, have benefited from this decision. The Madi Municipality has allocated a budget of Rs. 14 lakhs for free transportation. The municipality’s distribution of transit discount cards has made the facility accessible. On December 1, 2022, the service officially launched.

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Free Student Transportation: Madi Municipality Chitwan

The aged and crippled will also profit from this decision. Travel expenses will be discounted by 50% for the elderly and 100% for those with disabilities. The plan became legally binding when the executive meeting in 2079 agreed on the target class transit concession policy. The town claims that there are options for providing bicycles to pupils without access to public transportation. Hanumanjhula students will get bikes. The municipality has already provided school buses to four secondary schools.

Concessions should be given to students enrolling at educational institutions inside the Madi municipality. Students who use public transportation to and from college can use this resource.

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