We are making the driving test easier since Bagmati Province has introduced the “70 Points” system. The points-based system will be used in the driver’s license test in Bagmati Province, which the Department of Transportation Management issued.

Notice Date: February 16, 2023

Because of technical preparations, the Province of Bagmati postponed its launch. The point-based system was scheduled to go into effect in July 2021. A candidate can pass the driving license examination by earning a 70 out of 100 on the practical exams (trials). Seven categories and 100 points are weighted equally for two- and four-wheelers.

Making the driving test easier Bagmati Province Introduces the 70 Points System

More about Bagmati Province Introducing the “70 Points” System to make the driving test easier.

 Check out the driving test points from the Four Wheelers:

  • The Figure 8 test will get you a maximum of twenty points.
  • Speed breaker/ bumps test will get you 10 points. In case of switching off the vehicle, you will lose 5 points.
  • U-turn test will get you 10 points.
  • The traffic signals exam will get you 15 points, but if you ignore the lights, you will lose all your 15 points.
  • The other ramp test will get you 15 points, but your vehicle shouldn’t miss the boundary or turn off the edge.
  • Parking in garage test consists of 20 points. However, you will lose ten pints if your vehicle reverses while reaching the designated line.
  • A behavioral element will get you around 10 points. However, you will lose all your issues if you drive recklessly or fail to fasten your seatbelt correctly.
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 Check out the driving test points from the Two Wheelers:

  • The figure 8 test will get you 20 points. Even if your car crosses a numbered line while taking the test, you won’t receive a failing grade. If you make two contacts with the numbered sequence, you will each forfeit five points.
  • Other tests are similar to the Four wheelers: Traffic Signals, U-turns, Speed breaker/bumps, Ramps, and Behavioral aspects.

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