flood in seti riverStarted from Annapurna Mountain range triggered flood in Seti River on Saturday morning.

According to local residents, four people have been killed and over 50 have gone losing in the overflow such as three Russian tourists.

 The massive overflow grabbed away five pickups, bridges, number of houses, plants and encroached farming areas.


Two vehicles carrying students for a picnic outside at Khaarapani have also been grabbed away by the overflow.

Meanwhile, Nepal Military personnel and Nepal Police have reached Kaski for the relief.

New update:

a team of experts from ICIMOD, joined by Bal Krishna Panthi, Under Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs and Chief of the National Emergency Operation Centre, travelled to the flood-affected area to make a preliminary assessment about its source and possible causes. The team observed the evidence for the high intensity of the flash flood, which had been higher than 30 m at some locations. Local people indicated that it was likely that many additional people were missing besides those formally listed, including workers who had come to this area from other parts of the country and had not been reported. It was not possible to trek beyond Sadal village because the trail bridges had been washed out by the flood. Further, the large amount of sediment deposited by the flood inhibited walking beyond this point. It was also learnt that after about 6-7 km from Sadal the river flows through a narrow gorge and there is no trail beyond that point. The team noted that in contrast with other flash floods in the mountains, this flood had not left heavy deposits of rock debris along the flood path. Instead, the team found a heavy deposit of fine sediment.

On 20 May a team of ICIMOD experts joined Prof. Jeffrey Kargel from the University of Arizona, USA, in an aerial reconnaissance of the Seti headwater area. Several sorties were made along the Seti River valley and the Seti headwaters.