The credit and debit card issued by the banks in Nepal allows you to do transaction within the territory of Nepal and India only. So, are there solutions to this? Of course, you do. Mastercard Nepal allows you to do transaction anywhere in the world and you can secure a Mastercard in Nepal for yourself easily. There are many banks that offer Mastercard in Nepal. Getting Mastercard from banks might charge you some amount. Meanwhile, there are lots of other ways to get free Mastercard too.

You can apply for a Mastercard through its official website too. There are lots of other companies offering free Mastercard in Nepal. All you have to do is, submit your full address without any error. The card is shipped to your physical address. After you receive your Mastercard, following some easy steps, you can activate. Then, you are ready to use the Mastercard anywhere in the world. You can shop online; you can use various web services, make payments. Plus, you can also verify your Paypal account with your Mastercard.

Free Mastercard Nepal

Getting Mastercard in Nepal is easy. Payoneer is one of the trusted and popular Mastercard providers. It sends Mastercard in Nepal through the post office. So, if you submit a form with the clear address of yours where you can receive letters, you must not have any problem receiving Mastercard from Payoneer. Payoneer also offers you $25 bonus after you complete a successful transaction of $100. While applying for Mastercard in Nepal, you will have to be careful while filling up the form. You will need to submit your name as it appears on your national identity card or passport. You will also need a scanned copy of national identity card or passport that verifies your identity. Payoneer allows people from all over the world to apply for Mastercard, except for some countries.


MasterCard Nepal Shipping address

There are some things you might want to know before you apply for Mastercard in Nepal. Postal service in Nepal is slow, and you might not want to write incorrect information. Once the postman is unable to find you, he isn’t going to search for you again. So, make sure to enter your physical location in the correct format. Here is a format for entering your information.

Your name
Your house number
Your street address
Your location name
Your city, your state
Your postal code or zip code
Your country

There are also some charges associated with Mastercard Nepal. For Payoneer Mastercard, you will have to pay $30 a year which is a maintenance fee. You also receive $25 as a welcome bonus once you activate your card for the first year. As mentioned above, it might take some time for your card to be delivered to you. Payoneer sends you Mastercard in time, but postal service may cause the delay. However, if you do not receive your Mastercard within two months, you can request for your card again. They are always available for the support, and you can contact them anytime.

So, what to wait for? Get your Mastercard in Nepal and shop easily. Choose any services available online, buy online. You will have facility of doing transaction worldwide.