Do you remember, you had been to some school or some college in order to snap a photo for making a Nepali Voter list ID card some months before? You can view your voter ID Card today online and it has been notified that if you need to make any changes to it, you need to contact the concerned department as soon as possible. Matadata Namawali list is available online.

Voter list of Nepal

Nepal Election Commission has provided the voter name list for the upcoming election. Here is the voter ID card. You can check your name online to vote. The voter name list has been updated. Nepal Election 2079 voter name list has been updated. You can check the Nepal election 2079 voter ID card and Matadata Namawali list online.

Matadata Namawali List

How to get a voter name list or Matadata Namawali List

We can check whether our name is on the voter list or not along with the Voter ID card with photo. The process for online Matadata Namawali list check is as follows:

  • First, visit the official site of the Nepal election Commission i.e. where we can get a lot of information about the Election Commission of Nepal.
  • After the site is opened, then we can find a lot of options from which we can choose appropriate options.
  • From different options choose “voter education” options and from the drop-down list select “about the Electorate Roll” option.
  • Also, Users can directly visit the page from the following address:
  • Now, a new page to check the voter list is displayed with requirements of various details Like District, VDC/Municipality, Ward No., and election Centre.
  • Select the DISTRICT from the drop-down table.
  • Select the VDC or the MUNICIPALITY where you live from the drop-down table
  • Select the WARD NUMBER  from the drop-down table
  • Select the POLLING CENTER from the drop-down table
  • Now then click on submit button
  • After clicking on SUBMIT button, you will find a screen with a detailed name list.
  • Suppose My name starts from Sa [स]. Click on Sa [स] and you will find a detailed name list that starts from Sa [स]. Note: Further, You can expand the Name List to search your name by choosing numbers [10, 25, 50, 100] from Show-Entries or just click the Previous and Next button to search your name in the name list.
  • Once you find your name on the name list, Click on “Matadata Vivaran”
  • You will be redirected to a screen where you should fill your Date of Birth or Citizenship Number. Also, select the correct Picture Captcha of the Animal and Click Submit.
  • Now you can get your Voter Id detail along with your Photograph.

If you are having problems checking your voter list with photos. You can directly click here on Matadata Namawali list.

Click on reload above until you get the option to select district, ward number, and more If you are looking for Nepal Election result 2079, please go through step by step procedures mentioned above.

Nepal Election 2079 is going on for local body selection. Nepal Chunav result live is on this page. Nepal election result is online and is being counted. You can visit this page to know the latest count of the Nepal Election results.

You can only vote if you have your name on Matadata Namawali List.

Steps to check Voter ID Card Online

First, visit the voter list database by Election Commission Nepal. (Link to Database)

voter id online

Fill out the form with your province, district, municipality, ward number, and election center.

fill the voter id list form

You will get the list of all voters in your voting area.

How to verify voter ID card details in Nepal

You submitted your voter ID request by filling up a form. Now, verify if every detail is correct or not.

First, visit the Election Commission Nepal website.

Fill in your voter id card number, date of birth, and your citizenship ID number.

Verify Captcha and submit

Verify voter details in Nepal

How to register your name on Voter List in Nepal?

If you have crossed the age of 18, you must register your name on the voter list. You must visit the District Election office or the Election office to register your voter identity card.

How to correct mistakes on the voter list?

Visit the election commission office with your citizenship, migration document, and marriage registration certificate. If your ward has more than one voting center, you must visit the election commission office and put a request to change the voting center.

What are the documents needed to register your name on Voting list?

You need a Nepali citizenship certificate. If you have a different address than your citizenship certificate, you need to include your marriage registration certificate or migration proof. If you wish to put your permanent address, you do not need to submit other documents than a citizenship certificate.

Can I register my name in two different voting places?

No, According to Matadata Namawali Ain 2073, you can’t submit a voting name in two different places. If you do so, you will be punished according to the law.