This article mentions about the largest CPA network of the world called Maxbounty. If you are ab online worker, it might be very useful for you to know about Maxbounty. It has been harder to get your account approved because the number of people joining it has been increased significantly.

Here is an experience of my friend on joining Maxbounty. He shares his Maxbounty interview conversation as well.

How to get approved in Maxbounty or other CPA networks?

After you applied for Maxbounty or other CPA networks, you will get a call from them. Here is an example of a conversation.

maxbounty account approve

  1. What type of product did you promote before?
    Answer: I am mostly into health niche but a few days back I have also started with technology offers. In health niche, I used to sell products like Anabolic RX and muscle building products (Just drop out some example of any product so that they can believe in your realistic approach.
  2. How did you promote these offers?
    Answer: I worked with Youtube and through my micro-niche blogs. I started to rank my videos on Youtube and sold them by reviews. I even worked with email submissions too but it is quite boring. We just can not hit the right target audience every time. [You can also mention campaigns like PPC, PPV, Banner ads, Social/Viral content etc].
  3. Do you make blogs for each campaign?
    Answer: No, selling products on a specific niche, for example, if I was selling watches and other technology products, it was a tech niche and a micro-niche on wearable technology.
  4. Have you worked with any other networks before? Why did you choose us?
    Answer: I have previously worked with networks like Peerfly and vCommission. I switched to your network because other networks do not have products under health niche [try to give genuine excuses like their email campaigns were not enough.], so I thought of trying Maxbounty.
  5. What countries are you promoting to?
    Answer: Mostly India, USA, and the UK. I can further target more countries. Actually, it depends upon the product which we are selling. I will judge the product and know the geographical popularity of the product as well.

After that, he will start suggesting a good campaign for health products.

Note: Lastly, ask him some other questions like How’s the weather there and how’s days going like that. Do not limit questions required for approval, this makes a good impression. Just be honest and give answers according to your experience. Do not tell a lie that you are having two to three years of experience. Just tell them that you have started a few weeks before.