The MBA program is recognized everywhere in the world and is one of the most sought after courses. It is a course designed not just for management students but anyone who is willing to enhance their managerial and leadership skills. MBA colleges in Nepal have worldwide recognition and people are now familiar to its value. This course is designed to enhance professional skills and managerial skills for all the graduates especially those from management background. Specially it is for those who want to become successful entrepreneur or get a career in management field, MBA is a must. It equips you with the qualification and skills to become successful leader.

MBA successful leader

Why to Study MBA in Nepal?

  •  With your MBA degree you get more job opportunity.
  • And your vision grows so does your networking that opens opportunities for you.
  •  New career paths opens for you and you get more option to explore.
  • You gain more knowledge and expertise potentially giving you a promotion.
  • Your earning improves and so does your status in office.
  •  You will enjoy greater job security.
  •  And of course you will have graduate degree in the most dynamic faculty.

MBA colleges in Nepal

Lately, there are many MBA colleges in Nepal that offer MBA classes. There are universities with domestic affiliation and foreign affiliation. This article is for those who wish to get MBA degree from Nepal. The domestic affiliations are from Tribhuwan University, Pokhara University, Purbanchal University and Kathmandu University. There are universities like West cliff University, Sikkim Manipal University, Queen Margaret University and so on that has provided affiliation to Nepali colleges to run MBA program.

From many option available in Nepal, here are few names you would like to know. In this article I have listed names of MBA colleges in Nepal that have domestic affiliation.

Tribuwan university school of management

Tribhuwan University school of management is top name in MBA. SOMTU MBA is on full time basis. There are two types of MBA program run by SOMTU

These programs help on developing managerial and entrepreneurial capabilities of students through updated course and best teaching methodology.

MBA IT program

It seeks to develop professional skills in students to successfully manage information technology. IT can never be apart from management and vice versa this is why MBA was introduced by TU. It helps student gain managerial skills while gaining relevant information technology skills. Use of IT has increased across industries and business functions lately. This program helps students become better managers by deepening their IT and managerial skills.

Master’s in Business Administration in Global Leadership and Management

The other program is MBA in global leadership and management. The course aims to develop professional skills in students. It prepares students for global companies and multinational organization. Since, globalisation is the recent trend, this course is very much relevant for students. It helps in developing social entrepreneurship skills and right managerial skills in students. MBA in global leadership and management aims at producing globally competent graduates.

Kathmandu University school of management

Kathmandu university of management (KUSOM) is not just popular in Nepal but it also has very good international reputation. It offers regular MBA and Executive MBA.

Regular MBA

The MBA curriculum is designed in a way that it includes both theoretical and practical knowledge in management. It helps students to enhance managerial capabilities. The course is quite updated and uses best practices to help students cope with evolving nature and challenges of management profession. KUSOM believes quality needn’t be expensive so the cost for MBA degree is four lakhs ninety thousand.


KUSOM EMBA program is an intensive two-year course, stretched over six terms, similar to MBA. Each academic year has three terms. It is course for experienced executives who want to get graduate degree while working. The course also helps manager’s expand and enhance their skill.Since for many it is often a tough choice to choose between career and education, KUSOM EMBA blends them together. Executive MBA at KUSOM is a post-experience management education program for managers that aims to grow their career.

Apex College

Apex college is affiliated to Pokhara University. Apex college also offers MBA program for graduates. This is also one of the best MBA colleges in Nepal we have. The MBA degree is updated and is taught by exceptional group of professors. The college equips students with required skills and expertise. At Apex, they believe on creating the right environment for students to learn business and management. Only good teaching practice is not enough, there is need of student centered activities and events from where students can learn. Apex claims to produce capable and market ready professionals after earning their MBA degree.

Realizing that many graduates need to work while they study. Apex has also introduces evening MBA so that you can still get your degree while working full time.

Ace Institute of management

Ace institute of management is well known for its graduate and undergraduate management courses. It runs with affiliation from Pokhara University. Ace institute offers MBA, evening MBA and EMBA programs.

 Evening MBA

The MBA evening degree is for graduates that wish to work and study simultaneously. You don’t have to compromise on either work or study. Study in the evening and work all day. The evening program is no different from regular MBA.It is just a course for those who need to earn and learn together.As a fresh graduate you will get all the skills you require. Ace college of management is one of the best college in the country and will help you achieve your goals. The total fee for MBA evening is around Seven lakhs. Classes will take place in evening other than that it’s no different from Regular MBA. You study after office hours and can fulfill your education aspiration.


Then the other program is EMBA program. EMBA is for working professionals who dint have time to give full time on study. You work full time while earning a degree. The cost of getting EMBA from Ace is Five lakhs thirty thousand.

 Regular MBA

The other course is regular MBA. Spread over two years and with full time classes. The cost for MBA is seven lakhs eighty six thousand.