Nepal implements MDMS 

Nepal Telecommunication Authority introduced the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS). The goal of implementing MDMS is to prevent the unauthorized import of mobile phones in Nepal. 

Why MDMS in Nepal?

MDMS tracks every phone and similar devices (devices that use sim cards) entering the country through the IMEI number. MDMS is a system owned by a governmental body to make it difficult for people to not pay tax for their devices. Once the mobile device management system is put into action, authorities will have the power to locate unauthorized devices and make them unusable on all mobile networks.

How to check whether your phone is registered under MDMS?

To check if your phone is registered under MDMS, follow these processes:

Firstly go on your phone and dial *#06#

Once you dial that number, the IMEI number will be shown to you.


MDMS website               

Enter your IMEI number to see whether your mobile is registered.

  mdms number

The message will be displayed whether your phone is registered or not. 

mdms nepal

How can I register my Nepali IMEI number?

If your mobile phone is not yet registered, the registration process in NTA’s portal is possible. The steps are:


IMEI Registration


Choose Signup option for the registration.

Choose any option either New Importer or Individual Application.

IMEI Registration step 1


Fill out the details required.

IMEI Registration step 2


Submit the form once you are done.

Why is MDMS implemented?

A large amount of mobile phone is imported into Nepal. And the number has been ever-increasing since the 2019 pandemic. The importers must have a VAT of 13% and a 5% of excise charge on mobile. However, the government brought the VAT percentage to 0 in 2022. Therefore, mobile phones started getting bought in the grey market. The government implemented this rule to avoid that situation.

Are there benefits of MDMS?

If you are wondering about the benefits of MBMS. Below listed are some:

  • Track if the phone is stolen
  • The legality of the device is assured
  • Minimization of unauthorized devices
  • The government will get paid VAT and excise revenue


Check out Mobile Devices Management System for more details.