Here Cool mehandi designs. These mehandi designs are clean, fair and too much attractive than any other designs. These mehandi design images are taken from the Mehandi Experts who has lots of experiences on mehandi design.

Mehandi designs

Mehandi designs are useful for Nepalese and Indian women during their festival time. They also paint Mehandi during their marriage ceremoney.

Mehandi design images

Teej festival is one of the important festivals for Nepalese women. They paint their hands with Mehandi during the festival.

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During the month of Shrawan, Nepalese girls and women paint their hands with Mehandi designs and make their hands colourful. It is also regarded as a tradition of Nepalese women.

Mehandi design

On the month of Shrawan, unmarried girls wear green chura and married girls wear red chura. Their hands look more attractive with mehendi on their hands. mehandi design ideas

Mehandi designs are very famous among Nepali girls. Nepali girls love to have mehandi on their hands. They look for different kinds of designs that suits their hands.

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Hindu women and girls paint their hand with Mehendi during special festivals and marriage ceremony. On the month of Shrawan, Hindu girls paint their hand. Their hands look beautiful with temporary tattoo.

Contribution goes to my ex-girl friend and her best friend. Have a great Mehandi Season !!