Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT) is better for several reasons. First, it is one of reputed college in Melbourne and Sydney. MIT is affiliated with Fed university. Shesh Ghale, Chief Executive Officer of Nepal, is the chief executive officer of MIT. Jamuna Gurung is the co-founder and director of MIT. MIT is best for the quality of education, and it offers fast track admission procedures.

Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT)

Let’s discuss merits and demerits of MIT. Merits indicate the good point about Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Merits of Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT)

You can go to Bachelors second year directly completing your Diploma course. I recommended MIT because its low price gives the best education. MIT has the best location in Australia. Colleges are in Melbourne and Sydney. Numerous programs are available for undergraduate, postgraduate, English language programs. Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Networking, Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Telecommunications), Diploma of Business, Diploma of Information Technology are undergraduate programs available at MIT. Graduate Diploma of Accounting, Graduate Diploma of Networking, Master of Engineering (Telecommunication), Master of Networking, Master of Professional Accounting is postgraduate programs available at MIT. English language programs are also available at MIT

Another important thing for a student is that, if you have IELTS score of overall 6, you can join MIT in any of postgraduate programs. Master of Engineering (Telecommunication) also is available at overall 6 IELTS score.

MIT runs its program in trimester system with Industry accredited courses to its graduate students. The small sized classroom is its main point of attraction.

Melbourne institute of technology

Demerits of Melbourne Institute of Technology

Federation University has world ranking 3755 according to webometrics. It’s nice to go to better-ranked university paying similar kind of fee structure. A limited number of courses are available for international students.

Besides, Merits and Demerits, Melbourne Institute of Technology is located in convenient place of Melbourne at  La Trobe Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia. Its address in Sydney is 154-158 Sussex Street.