Miss Nepal peasant 2020 had its final this May 9, 2020  and we have already got our winners for this year. Miss Nepal is organized by the Hidden Treasure every year and every year it has been improving. However this year, Miss Nepal received criticism from very beginning. The peasant received criticism when the official choreographer Rachana Gurung Sharma slammed a contestant for not wearing make up in the auditions.  People made such a big issue of it and it created quite a buzz in social media as well. People criticized the peasant and choreographer openly but frankly speaking I think People were just over reacting. If it is a beauty peasant then you must look presentable and using make up is nothing wrong. In fact, for a peasant it is necessary. People were so quick to judge without understanding the true essence of beauty peasant.

However, despite all the challenges Miss Nepal grand finale happen in laboratory School Premise, Kirtipur in May 9. This article lists the name of Miss Nepal winners in 2020 . Five winners were chosen  this year to participate in five different peasants namely Miss world, Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss Supranational.

Miss Nepal World

  In the coronation night, Miss Nepal World 2020 Shrinkhala Khatiwada crowned Anushka Shrestha as Miss World Nepal 2020. Anushka now holds the title of Miss Nepal world 2020 and will be competing in the Miss Word peasant. Before Participating in Miss Nepal, she became winner of Miss Nepal Oceania 2020 and got a direct entry to Miss Nepal 2020 top 25. With her prior experience in peasants, she did quite good in Miss Nepal eventually grabbing the title.

 She is currently living in Australia while in the peasant she represented Kathmandu. She holds a graduate degree in Commerce and was working with Commonwealth Bank of Australia after her graduation. Believer that big dreams come true with small steps, this young girl has great potential. We are yet to see her performance in Miss world peasant but as of now I think she is confident, smart and beautiful. I personally loved her performance in Miss Nepal grand finale as well. I was rooting for her the whole time and she eventually made it. Her answers were also very relevant and to the point. She displayed ultimate class,  poise and confidence in the stage.  Miss Nepal 2020 has set high standards for her in the international peasant and it is big challenge for her to live up to the standards. Let’s support her so that she can do good  and make us proud.

Miss Nepal Universe

 Miss Universe Nepal 2020 and Top 10 Finalist in the Miss universe peasant Manita Devkota crowned  her successor the same day. Twenty three years old Pradeepta Adhikari  won the title of Miss Universe Nepal 2020. Pradeepta stands 170 com tall and and won other subtitle along with  winning the title of Miss Universe Nepal She will be now representing Nepal in Miss Universe peasant 2020. Manita Devkota has set really high bench marks as he was able to get in to top 10 without any support, so it is a big challenge for Pradeepta to do better than or  at least do  what Manita did in the peasant.

 Pradeepta has a graduate degree and is currently residing in Kathmandu. In the peasant as well, she represented her birth town of  Kathmandu. Her confidence and her intelligence made her shine throughout the peasant, we hope she can do better in The Miss Universe peasant .

Miss Nepal Earth

Miss Earth Nepal 2020 Top 18 Semi-Finalist in Miss earth 2020  Priya Sigdel chose her successor Riya Basnet . This 22 years old girl is from Kathmandu and stands 170 cm tall. She has graduate degree from Kathmandu  University School of management. She completed her graduate in Business Administration.

Riya gained attention right after her audition. She was highly praise for her poise in audition and also her mesmerizing beauty. However in the talent round he disappointed the audience with her performance. But on finale she came back  with a bang and grabbed the title of Miss earth Nepal 2020.Without any experience of beauty peasant she did very good in the peasant.

Miss Nepal International

 Miss International Nepal , Ronali Amatya crowned Meera Kakshapati as Miss International Nepal 2020  in the coronation night. It is her second time that she participated in Miss Nepal peasant and made it to the winners list in her second try

 Meera kakshapati is a graduate student and has prior media experience as well. She has worked a video jockey and has also hosted quite shows as Emcee. She participated in Miss Nepal before as well but couldn’t win any title that time. So she participated again in 2020 and won the title of Miss Nepal international The newly crowned beauty will now represent Nepal in Miss International peasant .  She represented her birth town Bhaktapur in the peasant.

Miss Nepal Supranational

Miss Supranational is a new title in this event. The title started since 2020 and it continued this year as well. The winner of this title will represent Nepal in Miss Supranational 2020. The first winner of this title  Mahima Singh crowned Rose Lama as Miss Supranational Nepal 2020 in the finale night. Now Rose lama is the title holder .Rose lama has prior experience in beauty peasant and was crowned Miss Nepal California 2020. She got direct entry to Miss Nepal 2020 top 25 with winning this title.

This  21 years old beauty represented Kathmandu city in the peasant but currently she is living in California,  USA. She has degree Studio Art BA from Foothill College and studied Industrial Designing at Foothill College. Apart from her studies she is a member of International Lions Club, District 4C3 . She moved to California for her graduate studies and has been living there since.

We already have the winners and they need our support to do good in respective peasants. Just like how we have supported previous winners we will have to shower these girls with the same love and support. Then only they can make us proud.