Nepali customers now have many varieties to choose from when it comes to buying a smartphone. They often ask about mobile phone prices in Nepal. We have included the mobile price in Nepal for Oneplus x price in Nepal, Gionee price in Nepal, Mi a1 price in Nepal, Huawei nova 2i price in Nepal, Vivo v7 price in Nepal, Nokia 8 price in Nepal, Micromax price in Nepal, Huawei p10 price in Nepal, one plus 5 prices in Nepal, HTC mobile price in Nepal, oppo f5 price in Nepal, oppo a83 price in Nepal, one plus 5t price in Nepal, sony mobile phone price in Nepal.

mobile price in Nepal

Different brands like Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, and Gionee compete with each other in terms of customer gain. Because of so many brands available in Nepal, we have more choices at different price ranges. This is a part of the reason why the number of users of smartphones are increasing every year in Nepal. Samsung remains the market leader but in recent years brands like Huawei and Oppo are also doing quite good in the Nepali market. I will be listing mobile phone prices in Nepal in this article.

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Mobile phone Price in Nepal

Huawei in Nepal

Huawei is another top brand in Nepal. It is a brand and with its different ranges of affordable ranges, it has gained quite a popularity in Nepal. Here is the price of different ranges of Huawei launched this year.

Huawei price in Nepal

Huawei Nova 2i: With its excellent features, Huawei 2i became the Huawei’s most selling phone in Nepal. The current market mobile phone price in Nepal is NRS 33,900. It is the first 4 camera phone in Nepal. This is what makes this phone stand out.

Huawei Y7: Huawei Y7 is a budget range phone for those with a tight budget. You can get it at a mobile phone price in Nepal of NRS 15,900. Apart from these phones the price range of other versions of Huawei is given here.

  • Huawei Y6II: NRs 17250
  • Huawei Y7 Prime: NRS 24,900
  • Huawei Y7 pro 2020: NRs 20,900
  • Huawei Y9 2020: NRs 25,900
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Gionee in Nepal

Gionee is another brand in competition these days. Tele talk Pvt Ltd is the authorized distributor of Gionee for Nepal. The Gionee series stands out for its long battery life and sleek designs. The price of different ranges are listed as:

Gionee price in Nepal

  • Gionee M7 Power: NRs 29,999
  • Gionee A1: NRs 26,999.
  • Gionee S6 pro: NRs 34,999.
  • Gionee A1 plus: NRs 44,999

OnePlus in Nepal

The brand OnePlus brand is well known for its budget-friendly affordable phones. it is known in the smartphone world as a company that provides excellent features at a much cheaper price. Recently the Oneplus 5T was launched in 2020 in Nepal.

mobile phone price in nepal

OnePlus price in Nepal

The current price of OnePlus 5T (64 GB) is NRs 64,900 and the 128 GB version costs NRs 72,900. The mobile phone price in Nepal for One plus X is NRs 21,700 and OnePlus 2 is NRs 31,900.

Xiaomi price in Nepal

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand that started manufacturing smartphones in 2011. The latest phone of Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi A1 is the first Chinese manufacturer’s smartphone to run Google’s Android program. Its current mobile phone price in Nepal is NRs 29,999. It was launched in September 2020 in Nepal.

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Nokia price in Nepal

Nokia entered the smartphone market in collaboration with Microsoft years back. Recently it launched different smartphones. Nokia 8 launched in 2020 became quite popular in Nepal. The Nokia 7 plus is also all set to launch in 2020 and will cost around NRs 46,899 whereas the Nokia 8 costs NRs 62,999.

Vivo Phones price in Nepal

Vivo phones have entered the market targetting camera-centric customers. Their promotion strategy is also targeted toward those customers with taglines like Clearer Selfie, Moonlight Selfie and so on.

Vivo Y53: Rs 14,690
Vivo Y65: Rs 18,890
Vivo V7: Rs 29,390
Vivo Y71: Rs 17,890
Vivo V9: Rs 37,790

Other popular phones in Nepal with their price include iPhone price in Nepal and Samsung Phone price in Nepal. The price of the mobile phone in Nepal on this page is updated on April 22, 2020. The price may fluctuate at any time.