Molung Hydropower Company Limited has released a notice regarding IPO Results & Allotment. The company has published a letter about IPO results.

Notice Date: March 2, 2023

In Nepal’s Sagarmatha Zone, Eastern Development Area, Okhaldhunga district is home to the Molung Khola hydropower project. The project area spans the Okhaldhunga district’s Harkapur, Prapcha, and Baruneshwar VDCs.

On Baishakh 31, 2067, Molung Hydropower Company Ltd. was established (May 14, 2010). On September 20, 2019, Molung Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd. obtained a generation license from the Ministry of Energy of Nepal. The permit, valid until September 1, 2054, covers a 7000 KW installed capacity that produces 35.73 GWh of energy annually, with dry powder of 5.825,606 kWh and wet energy of 29,903,599 kWh.

Molung Hydropower Company Limited IPO Results &  Allocation

More about Molung Hydropower Company Limited IPO Results & Allocation

Between the 4th and the 10th of Falgun 2079, Molung Hydropower Company Limited issued 22,64,655 Units of IPO Shares to the general public. All applicants are anticipating the Molung Hydropower Company Ltd. IPO Results.

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10% of the 27,28,500 units have been granted to Nepalese workers working overseas, while 2% have been issued to business personnel. Also, 5% of the total has a side for mutual funds. Moreover, the public has already received 22,64,655 of the remaining Units.

Sunrise Capital Ltd. is the IPO Shares’ Issue Manager. The company’s paid-up capital would total Rs. 80.25 Crores after the IPO. An applicant may request a minimum of 10 units and a maximum of 8000 units. The company hopes to raise 22.64 cr after this IPO. The pre-allotment process will be finished this week, and the corporation will reveal the results the following week, according to the problem manager.

The Molung Hydropower Company Limited has issued a Face Value of Rs 100. From the 27,28,500 Units issued, 2,72,850 Units have been given to Nepalese Employee Working overseas, and 54,570 Units were given to Company employees.

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