Nepali film industry has taken quite a leap in recent years . There are great movies that release every year and Audience are getting varieties as well. There are realistic movies and beautiful stories that just touches the heart. The actors are doing very good job so are the directors. In past few years ,we have seen amazing movies in the industry and in 2020 as well many good movies released. In the article, we list the names of good movies that came out in 2020.

Bulbul - film poster.jpg

Daal  Bhaat tarkari

Dal Bhat Tarkari was one of the most awaited Nepali movie. It released in May, 2020 and received good  response. On the very first day, the film collected thirty two lakhs on the first day and in second day also the earning was quite good. Now as well the movie is doing quite good . the star cast is the gem of the movie . It has the biggest star cast of Maha Jodi, Niruta singh. This film is also comeback of Niruta singh after long time. Daal Bhaat tarkari was directed by Sudan Kc . Hari bansha and Niruta singh are the lead actors in the movie. The story is about a family that wants to go to USA anyhow. The film portrays the reality of Nepali society where many people want to go abroad.

  But when it comes to reaction from audiences, the movie is getting mixed response. There are some who loved the movie while there are some who simply hated the movie. People had lot of expectations from the film but somehow, it could not meet up to the expectations.

Jatrai Jatra

Jatra was a movie released in 2020 and was big hit. With start cast like Bipin karki, Barsha raut this film won heart of many audience. The film also gained good remarks from critics.  Now in 2020, the sequel of the very famous movie  released. Jatrai jatra is sequel of the hit movie jatra. It has similar star cast of Bipin karki,  Barsha Raut and other accomplished actors. The movie is all set to release in 17th may, 2020. I am sure you don’t want to miss this amazing film . Looking at the trailer i can tell that the story is quite similar to Jatra. While in 1st part, they find money and in second part they find the gold. The question is how much trouble the three friends go through for gold and do they really get it at the end. Another amazing thing about this move is, Daya hang Rai, he has played amazing role in the movie. This is a comedy movie and i am sure that you will not regret watching it. It is no more running on theaters but make sure to watch it when it is available online.

Summer Love                                                            

Summer Love is a Nepalese romance drama film based on a novel ‘Summer Love’ . Though the novel written by Subin Bhattarai was a big hit, I am disappointed to say that the movie didn’t do justice to the novel. The actors also couldn’t do justice to the characters . While reading the novel you picture the story so well but in movie, it feels like something is missing. This movie also came out in 2020 and had the cast of   Aavash Priya, Rewat Chetri and Suraj Singh Thakuri.

 The movie is totally based on the novel where the characters fall in love but they never get together in the end. The movie released in February ,2019  and did just average performance. 


Bulbul is a very realistic movie and quite different from what we get from the industry. It is story of a young girl who rides for living. She has been waiting for her husband to return and has responsibility of paralyzed father in law. The character, Ranakala despite all the hardships falls in love with a guy .But amidst her Responsibilities she can’t make a decision. This is the overall story of the film. The movie released in February, 2020 as well and received good response.

The story is very good and the actors have also done very good job in the movie. We need more realistic movies like this, not just typical lovestory. The realistic approach is what makes this movie unique. The actors are also amazing in the movie. Especially Swastima Khadka has done very a different character and done it gracefully . 

The man from Kathmandu

The Man from Kathmandu is another good film in 2020. The movie was directed and written by  Pema Dhondup. The film is very unique an d from the trailer it was quite evident that the team has done a great job. The film also had the biggest start cast of Karma, Anna Sharma  and Gulshan Gover from Bollywood. The film talks about religious tolerance and speaks against radicalism. This movie should have been a big hit but it did average in term of box office collection while got good response from critics. It is very sad that Nepali audience still love the mainstream love story movies rather than realistic movies. We need some more time so that audience can finally understand and accept this kind of movies.   

A Mero Hajur 3

A Mero Hajur 3 is the sequel of the then blockbluster film A mero hajur . The second sequel A mero hajur 2 featured Samragyee RL shah and Dhiraj Magar and did quite good in box office. The third seque of this movie has star  cast of Suhana Thapa and Anmol KC. Suhana Thapa is the daughter of Jharana Thapa and Anmol KC is the son of Bhuwan Kc. These two actors are acting in a movie in which  their parents acted years back. This is the first movie of Suhana Thapa and for first time she did quite good. Even though the story is too mainstream;  tragic love story, the fame of Anmol Kc and the goodwill of A Mero hajur made this movie a hit.  Jharana Thapa directed the movie and she did quite a good job.

This is love story between Arya and Preem. Prem is a famous singer while Arya is a fan girl. Prem turns into Ghanashyam to live a normal life far from fame. Arya and Ghanashyam fall in love but Arya denies it as she is suffering from cancer. At the end of the movie,  Arya dies. Despite having regular old story, audience received the movie quite well