Nepal has the most dangerous Road of the world. Can you imagine driving through a thrilling and breathtaking road, far from the city where while turning, the road disappears or narrows. A road where even one little mistake can lead you to fall down thousands of feet below the road.

Most Dangerous Road

Yes, there is a reason that some roads are called dangerous and hence less taken. So, if you want to have a thrilling and exotic experience, then you have to get information about such dangerous roads and be prepared to fasten your seat belt for this experience. And in case of the ones listed below, they might very well lead you to death. This list includes six of the world’s most dangerous roads around the world.

Karnali Highway in Nepal

most dangerous road in the world karnali highway

Similar to Old Yungas Road, the 155-mile Karnali Highway in the Himalayas of West Nepal is a death wish (approximately 50 people lead to death a year). The surface of the road is so bad that even cyclists who go there for the amazing breathtaking scenes are often like, “maybe not today.” Now you can imagine, vehicles that attempt to drive down the road tend to slide on patches of dirt on the road, choke on steep climbs, and generally get stuck somewhere. Even lots of planes have crashed in hills of Mugu district where Karnali lies.

Old Yungas Road in Boliviadangerous road Old Yungas Road in Bolivia

Some people would rather hike through the Highway to Hell than keep themselves on danger on Old Yungas Road also known as ‘The Death Road’, considered the most dangerous in the world. The 40-mile stretch linking La Paz to Coroico hugs cliffs that overlook a extending canyon and features so many sharp turns that you’d think drivers would not speed over 10mph rather than take a chance. More than 200 people a year die during severe in trucks, cars, and public buses accident.

Atlantic Road in Norway

Atlantic road in Norway is considered as one of the most amazing breathtaking road in Europe, but it also has its dark side. It is a five-mile highway that links two islands between Kristansund and Molde, boasts eight bridges, and has an infamous stretch along the ocean that gets smashed by enormous waves and intense winds during storms. Conditions get out of control sometimes that you may wish you should not have taken a chance.

Vitim River Bridge in Siberia

We can call victim river bridge as “VICTIM River Bridge,” too as it is considered as one of the horrifying roads in the world. But surprisingly, there have been NO reported casualties on the road which actually seems strange until you dare to drive through it yourself. The extremely-old structure of the bridge is barely wide enough for a standard car and obviously there are no railings just there is ice all over decaying wood as it is Siberia, after all that could crackup at any moment.

 Guoliang Tunnel Road in China

Road that tolerates no mistakes is the literal English translation for the mile-long Guoliang Tunnel Road. It is built by 13 local villagers in the strange enough to know that many of them died during construction. Not only is it one of the straight up roads in the world, but it has become one of the area’s top tourist destinations to be visited.

Skipper’s Canyon Road in New Zealand

The Skipper’s Canyon road is so dangerous that motorists must get special permission before driving it. The insurance for rental car won’t be counted if they find that you have driven it. The winding, barrier-less exotic road was carved by miners in the late 19th century, and it structure is so narrow that it barely fits one vehicle and you might get yourself in risk if you come face to face with another vehicle.