Nepali film industry has grown quite a bit in Nepal. The industry is ever growing and there are many people who see good future in the field. That is why there are many educated people that want to pursue their career in the field. There are many versatile actors in the industry who have taken Nepali film industry to another height. People have become more positive towards the field and show love to our actors.

Not just male but female actors are also doing wonders these days. There are many actresses that have proved themselves time and again with their successful films. In this article we have list of hit actresses in Nepal .

 Priyanka Karki


 Priyanka Karki stands as role model of many Nepali girls not just for her outstanding performance in her films but also for her bold personality. She is one of the most educated actress in Nepali film industry. Priyanka often makes headlines with her different and totally accomplished roles in films. She is also the winner of Miss Teen 2005. That’s how she started her film career. She went to USA for higher studies . She came back to Nepal in 2012 and since then has worked in many successful films .

Priyanka karki is also quite famous for her relationship with actor model AyushMan Desraj Shrestha. The couple is one of the cutest couple in town and has many fan followers. She is also very good singer and has released few covers.

Namrata Shrestha

  Namrata Shreshtha is one of the most accomplished actress in the industry. She has done variety of films and diverse roles. Her amazing acting skills and her bold personality has given her so many fans. Her debut movie is Sano Sansaar which released in 2008 .She is 33 years old as of 2020 . Namrata has acted in many films and has given many hits.   Her chemistry with actors Karma and Aryan Sigdel is really loved by audiences .  

Reecha Sharma

Reecha sharma is personally my favorite actress in the industry. She has proved herself time an d again with not so typical movies. She has played different roles and has proved her acting skills. Her debut movie was First Love that released in 2010. Since then, she has done several movies and different roles.

She has done all genres from romantic movies, to social awareness movies, realistic movies and even horror movies. Reecha Sharma has always proved her worth and has made a separate image in the industry.

Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma is one of the most accomplished actors in Nepal. She has featured in many movies and music videos. Her most loved and successful film is Prem Geet and its sequel. She is 26 year old actress also famous for her talkative nature. She is one of the rarest actress in Nepal who speaks her heart out . This is the reason she has gained some true fans and also some haters. She started her journey with debut movie three lovers but Prem Geet was the movie that made her star.  

Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah

  Also Known as the royal actress, the 23-year-old Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah is one of the most loved actresses in Nepali film industry. She started her career with participating in  Classic Diamond Jewelers “Face of Diamond”. She grabbed the position of firs runner up in that pageant. She did her debut movie with star Anmol KC “Dreams” which became a big hit. She proved her acting skills in the very first film she did. Since then, she has been unstoppable. She has worked with top actors of country and has given many hits winning many awards.

Keki Adhikari

 This 28-year-old chubby and bubbly actress is model turned actor. Before doing her first movie, Keki worked in different music videos and advertisements. She is one of the not so conventional actress who has won hearts with her acting and her bubbly nature. Her debut movie was Swor and since then she is unstoppable.

Keki Adhikari  has worked in several movies since then and  with some of the top actors of country. Her acting skills has made her win many awards . 

Rishma Gurung

Rishma Gurung started her movie career with the few gurung films. But she got notice after playing the role of Maiya in film Kabbaddi in 2013. Kabbaddi is also one of the turning point for Nepali film industry. Directed by Nischal Basnet, this movie changed the kollywood . She is 27 year old as of 2020 and has won hearts of many Nepali fans with her genuine acting. Rishma Gurung also played in the debut of Kabbaddi  .

Latest movie

Her recent film is Jhumkee released in 2016. She acted opposite Dayahyang Rai in this suspense women violence related film. This film couldn’t do as good as Kabbaddi did but she definitely won hearts with her acting in this film as well.  The film got good critics review as the story revolved around women violence.  Rishma Gurung has bright future in the industry.

Anna Sharma

The 23-year-old actress Anna Sharma is one of the few actresses in country who proved herself on the first movie she did. She is well known for her debut movie “Jerry” starring Anmol KC which became a big hit. She even won best actress award for her first film. She is daughter of very famous media personality of Nepal  Rachana Gurung Sharma, the official choreographer of Miss Nepal pageant. She is famous among her fans for her chubby, cute face. She has acted in few films after Jerry and all of them has been a hit.  Her Recent film was “ The Man from Kathmandu” that gained good critics appraisal

 Shristi Shrestha

Shristi Shrestha is probably the only actress in Nepal with almost no haters. Fans love her for her boldness at the same time her sweetness. She is the winner of “Miss Nepal 2012”. Since then she started her filmy career. She has worked in many music videos, advertisement and movie. She became much popular after her first film “Gajalu”. Shristi has even worked in Indian Music video “ Kabhi Jo Badal barshe “ .

She has worked in selected films and audience feel that she need to work a lot on her acting. Despite her weakness ,Shristi Shrestha is one of the most loved actresses in Nepali Film industry