Miss Nepal is annual peasant in Nepal that selects five winners to compete in five respective international peasants as Miss World Nepal, Miss Universe Nepal, Miss Nepal earth, Miss Nepal international and Miss Nepal Supranational. These winners just don’ represent the country in international platform but at the same time, they stand as role model for many young Nepali girls. We have often seen Miss Nepal winners doing works for society and contributing to development of the society. These winners also do social work for a project Beauty with a Purpose and this is a project of Miss world peasant. Previously, Miss Nepal peasant were taken negatively but now people have started appreciating the peasant and accepting it. From long history of Miss Nepal, we have many winners who have won hearts and gained love from people.  Miss Nepal 2020 just happened few days back and we got winners for this year. They seem good for now but only time will tell if they will be able to meet the high benchmark set by Miss Nepal winners 2020. This year’s Miss Nepal peasant received high criticism from very beginning so I personally felt that the event was not grand enough as it used to be before. This is list of favorite Miss Nepals of all time. The list has been prepared on the basis of fan following they have and for the position they hold in society.

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Shrinkhala Khatiwada                       

Shrinkhala Khatiwada is definitely the first one on this list. She is First Miss Nepal to have so many fan following. Right after winning the crown she received criticism as she is daughter of well known politicians. She was accused that her father’s name got her the title. But as time passed she proved every one wrong with her calmness, intelligence and her personality. She is truly a diva. For me she is the most well-spoken Miss Nepal of all time. Architecture by profession she is also very intelligent young women with  mesmerizing personality. She initially received quite appraisal for her beauty but later she also proved her talent and her intelligence. Whenever I watch her interview, I can feel she is calm ,down to earth  and very intelligent. Maybe other people also see the same so she has such a good fan following.

Performance in Miss world

 Not just in Nepal, shrinkhala got instantly noticed by the whole world. She was placed in top five by many Miss world prediction team. She got noticed with her beauty and brain. And her performance in Miss world was also very good. In fact from all Miss Nepal winner she did the best. Initially, her introduction video gabbed attention and people started voting for her. The video shoot was done in Gosaikunda  She was able to win the multi-media award in Miss world. Her Beauty with a purpose video also stood out among the rest. Her project was on creating Health Post in remote village. The project also won beauty with the Purpose Award. In 2020, Nepal as placed in top 1 and above all it received recognition like never before. Shrinkhala did a very good job and represented the Nation in best way possible. And above all it was amazing to see so much support from people.

Nikita Chandak

 In our list, another name is Nikita Chandak. Miss Nepal 2020. Nikita Chandak is the first madhesi to have won the peasant. She gained attention right after her participation in the Miss Nepal peasant. Initially People slammed her for her looks but later she proved every one of them wrong by her intelligence.  Right after winning the crown, she proved her calmness and intelligence in all her interviews.   She is also one Miss Nepal that changed People’s perception towards Miss Nepal peasant. Her performance in Miss world peasant was also quite satisfactory. Currently she is shooting for her film Sanglo.

Performance in Miss world

Her performance n Miss world 2020 was quite good. She was also noticed by many countries right after her participation in the peasant. She was placed top five for her beauty with a Purpose project. But she could not win one. The cause her project as supporting was also very good. She spoke against Chau goth and provided menstrual hygiene awareness to young girls. That project placed her in top five. We had high hopes from her  in Miss world peasant, even though she didn’t wi her performance set a benchmark for very other participants. She even made it to top five in multimedia award.

Manita Devkota

Mnaita Devkota is the winner of title Miss Nepal Universe 2020 . She is NRN who came to Nepal for participation in Miss Nepal. Her performance in Miss Nepal and Miss world peasant both were very good. Best thing about her is her confidence and the way she speaks. She also has a very mesmerizing personality. While participating in Miss Nepal she was a bit chubby but during the training and coming to the final she lost lot of weight. She received  other subtitles along with winning the title of Miss Universe Nepal in the Miss Nepal 2020 peasant.

 Performance in Miss Universe

 2018 was a golden year for Miss Nepal. All the representatives chosen were so good and worthy. They made Nepal very proud in the international peasants . This was the second time of MIss Nepal in Miss Universe. And in its second year of participation, Nepal received global attention. Nepal was placed in top ten .  For a small country like Nepal, it is truly an honor to be placed at top ten while other many developed countries are competing. Similarly, the auction gift from Nepal also sold for the highest.  Nepal did its debut in Miss Universe in 2020 when Nagma shrestha participated in the peasant.  Following the tradition, Manita Devkota participated in the peasant and did a remarkable job. The word noticed Nepal . Miss Universe in itself is a very big peasant and Manita Devkota represented Nepal gracefully.

This is my list of favorite Miss Nepal Winners of all time. There are other Miss Nepal wines from past years as well who did quite a good job . Who is your all time favorite Miss Nepal ? Write in the comment section.