Airlines in Nepal has been improving a lot. There are some our own airlines that have quite good reputation in the world. We can’t also deny the fact that many airlines in Nepal still are not up to the mark. And Nepali airlines are the one of the most accident prone airlines in the world. We often hear cases of accidents but for sure we can’t generalize all the airlines that way. In the article I am listing some of the best airlines in Nepal:


Yeti airlines                             

 Yeti airlines is one of the biggest airlines in Nepal which started with DHC -6/300 twin otter but now it owns 14 aircrafts . It started with single Canadian twin potter aircraft  but now has become one of the biggest airlines company in Nepal. Yeti airlines’s sister airline Tara air starte d in 2009 with  DHC6-300 and Dornier DO228 aircraft fleet. These two airlines together now have served thousands of customers and prove to be the largest network of flight routes in Nepal. Yeti airlines mostly has domestic routes. Tara air has flights to mountaineous region in Nepal like Phalpu, Lukla,Lami danda, Rumjatar . Due to geographical difficulties in these routes, Tara air has faced many accidents in few years. But we can’t blame the airline for that. Yeti air is one of the most reliable airlines in Nepal with regular national and international flights.

Buddha Air

Buddha Air is the biggest airline in Nepal. It is the first privately owned Airlines in Nepal with most safest and reliable flight experience.  Buddha Air is a name many Nepalese are familiar with . Buddha air has flights to thirteen countries and it also covers major cities of Nepal like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bharatpur, Bhairahawa, Simara.

It started in 1997 October 11 with a maiden flight to Everest on a Beechcraft. Since then coming to present day it owns beech aircrafts, ATR42-320 and ATR72-500. With these aircrafts, Buddha Air has served around five million customers till the date. They ensure the best service to their customers and envision to give the best flight experience.  Some of the major flight services that Buddha Airlines operates are listed as :

Domestic Flight Routes

 With domestic flights, you can fly to twelve destinations within country. There are regular flights to major cities of Nepal. You can travel anywhere safely with the national routes.

International Flight Routes

 Buddha Airlines has the most number of international flights in. They have regular flights to thirteen countries .  Buddha air is also the only airlines in Nepal that has nonstop and direct flights form Varanasi to Kathmandu and vice versa.

Mountain Flights

 Buddha air started with mountain flight in Nepal. And mountain flight is one of the speciality of Buddha airlines. Buddha airlines has flights to mountain region and flights to majestic mountains in a affordable way. You could reach the top without tiring yourself, enjoy thr flight and reach to your destinations. It has three distinct mountain flights . 

 Everest Experience

 Buddha air now has started flight to the top of the world. Reach mount Everest with Buddha air. With this flight you get close encounter of the majestic mountain, glaciers from the window seat. This is definitely  an adventure anyone would like to take on .And Buddha air now has that service for your.

Peaks of Pokhara

Mountain flight is speciality of Buddha air.  And now Buddha air offers flights to peaks of Pokhara .You get to see the Annapurna Ranges, Machhapuchhre range with an early morning flight from Pokhara airport.

Everest To Annapurna

 There is another very special flight of Buddha air to  Mt Annapurna. The flight will take off from Kathmandu to Mount Everest and then to Mt. Annapurna. The flight will land in Pokhara airport. In one and half hour you could see Mount Everest and Mount Annapurna.

 Simrik Air

Simrik Air is another airline in Nepal. It was established in 2010  and in few years of establishment, Simrik Air stands as  the most fixed wing airline in Nepal claiming to provide safest national and international flights. They envision to provide best quality to passengers . It is promoted an d operated by group of extraordinary aviators and engineers with years of experience. The airline merged with some of the airlines in Nepal to provide the best service possible.  Safety is the ultimate aim of Simrik airlines. It has regular scheduled flights and also some mountain flights.  It has regular flights to five different countries.

 Summit Air

 Summit air is another airline in Nepal run by small group of professionals. It stated its operation in February ,2011. It also has flights to different parts of country. The airline offers regular flights to Jumla, Simikot, Jufal, Kolti, Talcha and Nepalgunj . It even has facility of charted flights. It was previously known as Goma air . Summit Air only has national flights with special focus on mountain flights. As per their motti goes, “ Wings of Everest .”, they have regular flights to Lukla airport. 

Nepal Airlines

 Nepal airlines is government owned airlines in  Nepal. It is one of the oldest airline in Nepal and has flights to all routes within Nepal. It has six aircrafts including Canadian DHC-6 Twin Otter and Harbin Y-12 Chinese. But it only has flights to some parts of Asia and not all over the world.   NAC has major focus on providing airplane access to remote areas of country rather than introducing international flights.

At present NAC has  7 international  flights to Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur in South E Doha, Delhi, Mumbai & Bengaluru .Very soon NAC aims to cover more countries. However, through domestic flights NAC connects to more than 25 destination within Nepal. Since , Nepal has a geography with more than 80 % mountains, the basic motto of NAC is to provide access to these areas. For that kind of geographical structure, Air way is the most convenient route so NAC puts focus on that. With the access of airway, the tourism of those area has also improved resulting in development of those area as a whole.