Matatirtha Aaunsi (Mother’s Day)

Matatirtha Aunsi, commonly known as Mother’s Day, is a significant festival celebrated in the Nepali culture to express affection and pay homage to one’s mother. This special day takes place on the new moon of the month of Baisakh, according to the Nepali calendar. In the year 2080, Nepalese families will come together to celebrate and honor their mothers on Mata Tirtha Aunsi. The origin of this festival lies in the ancient holy site of Mata Tirtha, where it is believed that individuals can receive blessings from their deceased mothers by taking a sacred dip in the pond.

On this auspicious day, both children and adults from different parts of Nepal gather to express their gratitude and love to their mothers through gifts, delicacies, and heartfelt gestures. The day is also dedicated to remembering and honoring the unconditional love, care, and sacrifices made by mothers throughout their lives. This beautiful and heartfelt Nepali tradition of Matatirtha Aunsi serves as a reminder of the integral role mothers play in nurturing and shaping the lives of their children, and it strengthens the bond of love and affection shared between a mother and her child.

When is Mata Tirtha Aunsi in 2080?

Mata Tirtha Aunsi, a significant Nepali festival dedicated to honoring and showing gratitude towards one’s mother, falls on the new moon day in the month of Baisakh (April-May). In the year 2080 in the Nepali calendar (2023 in the Gregorian calendar), Mata Tirtha Aunsi was celebrated on April 20th. The festivities involve visiting the sacred Mata Tirtha pilgrimage site and offering heartfelt prayers and gifts to express love and appreciation for the endless sacrifices made by mothers.

Wishes Messages and Greetings Cards for Mothers(Aama)

In 2023, as we approach yet another happy Mother’s Day, it’s time to express our love and gratitude for the exceptional women who raised us, our mothers. Greeting cards, wishes messages, and personalized tokens of appreciation become increasingly meaningful as we look for creative ways to honor and celebrate the role of a mother. Mother’s Day, as a traditionally significant occasion, provides a perfect platform to express our heartfelt sentiments through beautifully crafted greeting cards, as well as warm and thoughtful wishes messages.

This year, why not make your mother’s day extra special by sending her not just one, but an assortment of greeting cards representing the various reasons you love and cherish her. As we head into 2023, take the opportunity to show your Aama how much she truly means to you with an unforgettable Mother’s Day filled with love, joy, and heartfelt wishes.

Happy Mothers day wish in Nepali Language

Mother’s Day Wishes Messages in Nepali

Mother’s Day Wishes Messages in Nepali, also known as मातातीर्थ औंसीको शुभकामना , is a heartfelt way to express love and gratitude for mothers in Nepal. This special day, dedicated to the sacrifices and love of a mother, offers a perfect opportunity to shower her with affection, appreciation, and well-wishes. In Nepali culture, Mother’s Day is celebrated in a unique way, focusing on the sacred aspects of motherhood and emphasizing the strong bond between mother and child.

Sending day wishes in Nepali language conveys a deep sense of respect and admiration for the values and traditions, allowing the people to appreciate their roots and the sacrifices their mothers have made for them. As the people of Nepal celebrate this day with great enthusiasm, one can witness the love and affection unifying every mother and child, creating lasting memories and strengthening the emotional connection. Sharing मातातीर्थ औंसीको शुभकामना with others helps to spread happiness and further amplifies the significance of a mother’s love.

Mother Day wish in Nepali

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