When it comes to climbing Mount Everest, it is really is an ultimate challenge for the climbers and adventurers. Ever since Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa first conquered this highest peak of the world in 1953, more than 4000 have successfully climbed this summit while hundreds have given their life. Each year in spring, hundreds of climbers arrive with a hope to conquer this peak and just to be at the top of the world.


Climbing Mount Everest is neither an easy job nor it is cheap. It may cost around $40,000 – $60,000 depending upon your choices and you need to prepare for around two months to prepare yourself to climb this wonder of nature.

There are several choices and methods you can choose to climb Mount Everest and the price varies accordingly. Since Everest is the border between Nepal and Tibet, you can either climb from the south side (Nepal) or Northside (Tibet). For this, you need a permit to climb the Everest no matter which way you choose.

  1. Everest Permit charge

The government of Nepal charge cost of $11000 per person as per permit while from Tibet side, it only costs $7000 per person.


  1. Additional Climbing charges

Beside permit charge, the expedition team also require to pay an additional charge about $1500 for the Liaison officer, a basic medical support fee which includes the charge for installing ropes on the mountain) and a refundable deposit for removing the trash and human waste. A Liaison officer is responsible for monitoring the expedition and ensures the rules are followed and check the permit of the team.

  1. Base Camp expenses

Traveling to the base camp of Everest takes time and money. Since you need to carry gears and tools, you have to pay for porters and yaks. It’s a week-long journey to base camp. So, on the way, you have to eat and stay in the tea houses. So, it may costs around $4000 for traveling to base camp.


  1. Sherpa

While climbing the Everest, climbers are assigned with climbing Sherpas to ensure their safety on the mountain. So, you have to pay for hiring Sherpa. It may cost $5000 per Sherpa. Similarly, you also have to pay an additional charge for the bottled oxygen used by their sherpas that may cost up to $3000.


  1. Campsites

In the base camp, you need to stay in camp and depending upon the services, you have to pay accordingly. The guide services provide foods, mattresses, fuel, heaters, radio communication, table, chairs etc. It may cost up to $2000.


  1. Oxygen cylinder

A single bottle of oxygen costs $550. On average, you will need five bottles on the way to the summit. You need an oxygen mask and regulator which cost $500.

  1. Gear

You need to buy high altitude gear that includes a down suit, sleeping bag, and boots. It costs around $7000.


  1. Miscellaneous expenses

Besides all the above, you need to add others expenses like traveling back to Kathmandu, emergency rescue insurance, visas, immunization, tips for the cook and sherpas.

This is an overall cost for climbing Everest. It may vary but in average, you can calculate the total expenses on the basis of it.


From the south side, if you take a guided trip with the Western guiding company, then they may charge you as high as $90,000 which includes a standard trip and additional services. However, a Nepalese guide company may cost around $30-40000.

Similarly, if you take guided trip from Northside, a western company may charge you $50-60000 and a Nepalese company may charge around $30000.

Though climbing Everest is an expensive trip with full of risk, hundreds of climbers are willing to climb yearly just to take their feet at the top point of the world.