Pachrauta Municipality has announced a vacancy open for Nagar Prahari. Benauli, Bara, Madhesh Province’s Municipal Executive Office, Pachrauta Municipality, has issued a notice on hiring employees under a service contract.

Notice Date: Dec 16, 2022

According to the decision of Municipal Police Operation and Management Procedure 2078 for the following list and numbers for Pachrauta Municipality, the positions of Municipal Police should be filled in the service area to function under this municipality. The purpose of posting this information is to allow all parties to submit their applications and receipts to the revenue within 15 days of its publication.

Nagar Prahari job opening in Pachrauta Municipality

About Nagar Prahari job opening in Pachrauta Municipality

The notice says, “Eligible Nepali residents must fill the following posts and numbers by the decision of this office dated 08/18/2079 for this Pachrauta municipality and the city police operation and management procedure of the municipality 2078. This notification has been made public for everyone interested in submitting their application and proof of payment within one day.”

Eligibility for Nagar Prahari job

  • Certificate of Nepalese citizenship,
  • all educational certificates of at least 8th grade from a recognized educational institution,
  • cash receipt of experience certificate,
  • letter of recommendation for moral turpitude and no criminal charges,
  • health certificate from an approved doctor,
  • Eyesight must not be less than minus two or plus 2
  • height 5 feet 2 inches for men and 5 feet for women and 31 inches when uninflated, and 33 inches when inflated.

Number of Candidates:

There are a total of Nine seats opened for the position of Nagar Prahari Jawan by Pachrauta Municipality. Interested candidates must fill out the form before the deadline for application.

Age Limitation:

The applicant must be above 18 years old and not more than 40 years old.

Submission of Application:

The one filling out an application form must submit it to Pachrauta Municipality, Benauli, Bara.

Application Deadline:

The form must be submitted by 9th Poush 2079.


The candidates will be selected based on Examination and Interviews.


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