Nepal Telecom has launched the Namaste Prepaid mobile data pack system for GSM Prepaid mobile customers. With different rates, Nepal Telecom had brought three Namaste Prepaid mobile data pack system which are available among customers from September 1st.

Namaste Prepaid Mobile Data Pack

#Bronze package system

In this package, 2 hundred and 5 hundred MB data package are available. Nepal Telecom charge NRs 130 and NRs 300 for 200 MB data and 500 MB data respectively. This Namaste prepaid mobile data pack should finished within a month otherwise the Nepal Telecom automatically cut-off the data.

#Silver Package system:

In this package system, 1 GB and 3 GB data pack are available within Nepal Telecom Prepaid customers. NTC prepaid users are charge NRs 500 for 1 GB and NRs 1,290 for 3 GB data. 1 GB data must finish within 1 month whereas 3 GB package should complete within 2 months.

#Gold Package System:

This package system is for high internet surfing NTC Prepaid customers. In this package system, users can enjoy the 5 GB and 10 GB data pack. Nepal Telecom will charged you NRs 1800 for 5 GB and NRs 2800 for 10 GB. While using this pack i.e Namaste Prepaid Mobile data pack customers should finish within 3 months for 5 GB data pack and 6 months for 10 GB data pack. If not finished with in time your data will automatically dead.

How to subscribe NTC Data pack in Prepaid?

nepal telecom data pack

On the above mentioned price list, Nepal Telecom has not included tax rate.

How can customers enjoy the Namaste Prepaid Mobile data pack system ?

NTC Prepaid Users can take the above mentioned pack by sending SMS to 1415 with typing the data you like to take. For example, Type< DATA200MB> and sends SMS in 1415 if you like to take 200 MB data.

If you want to know about the others package system of Namaste Prepaid Mobile data pack you simply type <VL> and send SMS in 1415 and enjoy !!!