Ncell is a private leading telecommunication network of Nepal. Ncell comes up with numerous Ncell offers, prizes, discounts with comparatively best call rates in Nepal.

Ncell offers

Ncell regularly updates its Ncell offers and provides customers with various offers for them. Ncell as the name says it is providing good telecommunication service in Nepal with effective networks throughout Nepal that is why the company claims Ncell-N for Nepal.

Ncell 20 – 20 Pack

ncell offers

This offer is named as Khel 20 ko, faida 100 ko. In this offer customer can get 20 MB data and 20 minutes talk time on only 20 rupees. To activate the Ncell 20-20 pack, the customer can dial *17114#. This cost 20 rupees exclusive of tax.
In these Ncell offers, the talk time and data remains valid only for 24 hours.

Ncell offers include 20 20 packs in which customers can get 20 MB of data and 20 minutes talk time with 20 rupees. Customers can dial 17114 to activate this Ncell offers.

Ncell Ko Bahar, Sabailai Upahar

In this offer, Ncell customers get gifts daily for 90 days. Activate your Ncell offers by dialing 17124 and you will receive gift any of the following – 9 MB Data, 6 MB Data, 3 MB Data, 5 mins-onnet, 10 SMS-MMS, Rs.10 Night SMS, Rs.10 Night Voice Bonus, Rs.10 Night Bonus, Rs.50 Bonus, Rs.25 Bonus, Rs.15 Bonus, Rs.10 Bonus, Rs.5 Bonus, Rs.5 Voice-SMS-Data, Rs.5 Voice Bonus, 5 SMS.

Ncell voice pack

Ncell to Ncell call rate / Ncell to Ncell call tariff on 86 paisa per minute. Voice pack makes Ncell cheaper. Customers can buy a daily voice pack worth 11 rupees which has 11 minutes of talk time. Customers can also go for a weekly voice pack worth 60 rupees which has 70 minutes of talk time.

Ncell offers are eye-catching. Ncell customers can talk with 0.86 rupees per call from Ncell to Ncell. This offer comes under the Ncell voice pack. Customers can buy a single day voice pack or a week-long voice pack as per the requirement. When a customer buys a single day pack, it comes to cost 1 rupee per call but when a customer buys a week-long pack, it comes to cost 86 paisa per call. Dial 17118 to activate voice pack Ncell offers.

Ramailo SMS

Ncell to Ncell SMS in 10 paisa. You can activate this service on 2 rupees per day. To activate dial *17119# from a mobile phone.

Ncell latest offer includes ramailo SMS offer. This offer can be activated by Ncell customers with 2 rupees per day. The customer can send as much SMS he likes on 10 cents per SMS during that day. Customers can dial 17119 to activate Ramailo SMS offer.

Ncell prizes

Ncell is providing the prize for 90 days. This is also called gift by Ncell for free for 90 days. Customers can dial 17124 to activate and receive Ncell pizes. Ncell gifts includes various items as gift like 9 MB Data, 6 MB Data, 3 MB Data, 5 mins-onnet, 10 SMS-MMS, Rs.10 Night SMS, Rs.10 Night Voice Bonus, Rs.10 Night Bonus, Rs.50 Bonus, Rs.25 Bonus, Rs.15 Bonus, Rs.10 Bonus, Rs.5 Bonus, Rs.5 Voice-SMS-Data, Rs.5 Voice Bonus, 5 SMS.

NCELL 17100 Offer

Ncell users can grab free gifts daily by dialing 17100. Its called a Ncell Upahar offer. I recently got 10 items of SMS and 10 items of MMS for free which has to be used till this midnight. You also do not get late. Dial 17100 and get your gift daily.
After dialing 17100 on Ncell, you will get an SMS like this.

Congrats! 10 items Ncell_Upahar MMS, 10 items Ncell_Upahar SMS is added. Valid till midnight within Ncell.

Note: you should send typing R to 17100 to deactivate the service and get a new offer otherwise you will get the same offer for free for 90 days in Ncell.

Ncell valentines day offer

Two SIM cards at only Rs 99.00 by Ncell. Not only that, calls between the two numbers under the scheme any time of the day or night will cost only Rs.0.50 per minute.

Wawo, This is a cool offer and will be perfect for guys and girls having a girlfriend and boyfriend.

Talk time equivalent to Rs. 24 will be available for any desired networks whereas Rs. 25 will be available for calls within the Ncell network.

NCELL new year offer

Ncell always comes up with a new year offer. New year Ncell offers are generally released in the month of December for a new year celebration. It is also released in the month of Chaitra for the Nepali new year.

Ncell call rates

ncell offers

Normal Ncell tariff and call rates without any offer are quite higher. Ncell to Ncell and all other networks cost Rs. 1.99 per minute.  Ncell to 5 My5 numbers cost Rs. 0.99 per minute. Ncell to Ncell (Night tariff: 10pm-6am) cost Rs. 0.69 per minute.

It cost 1.99 rupees per minute to call from Ncell to Ncell and Ncell to any other networks. Within my 5 numbers (Ncell to Ncell), it cost 0.99 rupees per minute. Phone calls made during night time after 10 pm and before 6 am, it cost 69 paise per minute.

Ncell SMS price is 1 rupee per SMS from Ncell to Ncell and 1.27 rupees per SMS from Ncell to any other network.

Ncell International Call rate

This is a good news that Ncell has brought new tariff for ISD calls. According to Ncell, Customers can now make calls to India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, USA, Bahrain, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh, Canada and Singapore at Rs 6 per minute and Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, UK, Lebanon, Australia, Pakistan, Bhutan, Japan and Sri Lanka at Rs 15 per minute.

Ncell says that this offer is for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers of NCELL.

New update: Ncell has now a days decreased International call rate.Here are some international call rate for prepaid user. You can also find Ncell ISTD call rate on their official website. They provide latest information about changes in call rate. This is the information that we obtained when updating to this page.

International Calls (60 seconds pulse rate)Rate (Rs. per minute)
Hong Kong3.99
South Korea3.99
Czech Republic4.99
New Zealand6.99
Saudi Arabia12
Sri Lanka15
Outgoing SMSRate (per SMS)
Bahrain, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Thailand, USARs. 5
All other international destinationsRs. 10

NCELL Ramro and Sajilo Scheme

ncell offers

Ncell has recently cut off the tariff to Rs. 1.99 per minute. That means, Ncell users can talk with anyone in any part of the country for Rs. 1.99 per minute in any network like UTL, NTC. Ncell says, previously it was Rs. 2.14 to Rs. 2.84, Now it will be more easy for costumers because it is the lowest tariff in comparison to other networks.

Let’s be clear about RAMRO and SAJILO scheme
In Ramro scheme, you can call any three NCELL numbers at a rate of 0.99 per minute and rest calls to other NCELL numbers costs 1.99 per minute. Calling to Other Networks, it is even more in Ramro scheme RS 2.14 to Rs 2.84 per minute.

In Sajilo Scheme, You will not get any three Numbers to call at 0.99 per minute. Each call costs 1.99 per minute to anywhere.

Remember, In Ramro Scheme, While calling to Ncell numbers after 10 pm – 6 am, it costs 80 paisa per minute. But this feature is not provided in Sajilo Scheme.

To change Your Ramro Tariff to Sajilo Tariff.

type Sajilo and send an SMS to 302.

NCELL Facebook Pack

NCELL has come with Facebook Internet Pack. Ncell users can dial 17115 for activating the service from your Ncell number for purchasing NCELL Facebook Pack.

You need to have a Facebook application on your mobile for accessing Facebook pack from Ncell or you can use from your Opera mini or browser.

With this pack, you can chat with your Facebook friends, like status, update status, upload photos and much more.

Rate of NCELL Facebook Pack

Daily Ncell Facebook Pack costs 9 rupees and you will get 10 MB which is valid for 24 hours only.

Weekly Ncell Facebook Pack costs 49.70 rupees and you get 70 MB which is valid for 7 days.

Monthly Ncell Facebook Pack costs 149 rupees and you will get 300 MB which is valid for 30 days.