NEB result class 11 has been published today on Ashoj 7, 2076. You can check your latest updated NEB result online.

NEB refers to National Examination Board of Nepal. Erstwhile, the functions performed by NEB were undertaken by HSEB (Higher Secondary Education Board). Since July 2016, HSEB has fully been transformed into National Examination Board as per the amendment to the Education Act, 1971. NEB result is a pathway for further studies and career building process.

Changes in NEB examination structure

Before the amendment, Nepal’s examination structure encompassed district level examination (DLE) as the examination for the basic level in class 8, SLC (School Leaving Certificate) examination in class 10 and grade 11 and 12 were considered as higher secondary levels. Now, grade 11 and 12 are integrated into the school level. Thus, apropos to the amendment, DLE takes place in class 8, SEE (Secondary Education Examination) of the regional level takes place in class 10, and SLC examination of the national level takes place in class 12.

Formerly, the higher secondary schools which provided education of grade 11 and 12 (mostly under the private management) were supervised by the HSEB. Now, Department of Education (DoE) manages higher secondary school levels. The scholarship exam for Grade 11 is also conducted by DoE. Now, the examinations for Class 10, 11 and 12 will be conducted under National Examination Board. The Office of National Examination Board (NEB) is located in Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur. It provides its services from 10 am to 4 pm for six days a week. Saturday is off.

All the information regarding the national examination board of Nepal is updated on its official website that is In this website, you can get the latest notices, information about the board, its divisions and answers to some frequently asked questions.

NEB result means class 11 result and class 12 result

How to check NEB result?

Results for class 11 and 12 are published under NEB. The result is published on its website. You can watch the informative video provided. This video provides detail information on the ways to check NEB result.

To check the NEB result (Result for class 11 and 12 final examinations), follow the steps below:

  • Go to your browser and enter the official website of national examinations board which is
    neb results
  • After you press enter, the homepage of NEB website loads.
  • You can see the options like home, about us, notices, results, contact and FAQ at the top just below the logo of the board. Click on “Results”.
  • The “Result” page opens. The latest updates on the result published will be shown to you. If the result you are waiting for is published, it will be mentioned on the page. For E.g.: Class XI::2073 Regular/Technical Result has been published. The published date is shown just below it. And you have to click on “Click here to view the result”.
    neb result
  • A new page opens with “Result published” written at the top. You have to enter your symbol number there. Then click search.
    national examinations board result neb result

    national examinations board result neb result

  • Your result will be shown to you.