Nepal Army Hospital has published a Notice on hiring the necessary personnel for contract work at military hospitals. Some of the posts available in Nepal Army Hospital are Directorate of Soldiers Welfare, Chief of Staff, and Jangi Adda.

Notice Date:Jan 2, 2023

Because Sri Birendra Hospital requires the following medical staff, contract employment should be filled through an open recruitment process at military hospitals outside the valley. People from Nepal who are interested and meet the qualifications are asked to submit an application at the appropriate military hospitals within 15 (fifteen) days after the date this notice was issued.

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Application forms from interested Nepali citizens who meet the required qualifications should be submitted to the respective military hospitals during business hours within 15 (fifteen) days of the date of publication of this notice. The following health workforce and employees required for Sri Birendra Hospital, cantonment, and military hospitals stationed outside the valley will be filled in contract service through open competition. It’s encouraged to serve.


Where to obtain and apply:

(a) For the positions listed in 1, 2, 3, and 4, C. No. The relevant hospitals.
(c) C.No. Shri Sainik for the positions listed in 6 Hospital, Nepalgunj, and C.No. For the positions listed in 5 Sri Sainik Hospital, Ethari.


The application must be submitted no later than 1600 hours on September 22, 2079.
The Nepali Army website,, lists the necessary education, experience, and ideal qualifications for each post. Call 01-4271940 during business hours at Shri Virendra Hospital in Cantonment for additional information. You can reach Shri Sainik Hospital in Ethari at 025-590201, Shri Sainik Hospital in Pokhara at 061-533823, and Shri Sainik Hospital in Nepalgunj at 081-565312.


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