Nepal Bank Limited has published a notice regarding 63rd General Meeting and has requested members to attend the meeting on the given date.

Notice Date: Last updated Dec 23, 2022

(First published date 2079 Paush 7th)

By section 67 of the Companies Act, 2063, it has been decided to hold the 63rd annual general meeting of the bank on the following date, place and time to discuss and decide on the following matters from the seventeenth meeting of the board of directors of this bank held on Wednesday 2079/09/06. And this notice is published requesting attendance.

1. General meeting date, place and time of Nepal Bank Limited 63rd General Meeting.

Date: Friday 29th Paush 2079

Location:  Bank Head Office, Dharmapath, Kathmandu

 Time:  11:00 am

 Topics of discussion(Nepal Bank Limited):

a. General offers:

1. A.W. To discuss and approve the Board of Directors’ annual report for 2078/79.
2. Balance sheet of 2079 with auditor’s report ended on the same date. To discuss and pass the schedules related to the profit/loss account and cash flow statement of 2078/79 and the financial statement of the same period.

3. The current paid-up capital proposed by the Board of Directors will be Rs.14,40,59,04,831/30 at the rate of 10 (ten) per cent to be Rs.1,44,05,90,483/13 (literally one billion forty-four crores five lakh ninety One thousand four hundred eighty-three and thirteen paise only) to approve to distribute cash dividend (including dividend tax).
4. According to Section 111 of the Companies Act, 2063, To appoint an auditor for the year 2079/80 and determine his remuneration(Nepal Bank Limited).

b. Special offers:
1. The current paid-up capital proposed by the board of directors is Rs.14,40,59,04,831 / 30 at the rate of 2 (two) per cent to be Rs.28,81,18,096 / 63 (literally twenty-eight million eighty-one thousand ninety-six and sixty-three (money only) to grant approval for the distribution of bonus shares equal to the amount and increase the previously issued and paid-up capital of the bank by the issuance of bonus shares to Rs. and ninety paise only) and to amend the relevant section of the Articles of Association and Regulations accordingly.

2. If there is any suggestion of change from the regulatory bodies in the proposed amendment of the bank’s charter/regulations, authorize the board of directors to make the necessary changes accordingly.


Nepal Bank Limited Notice regarding 63rd General Meeting

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