Nepal budget 2076 2020 is of 10 trillion 51 billion. Nepal budget 2076 has the following unique features.

Nepal budget 2076

The families of martyrs and missing, according to pre-announced program to provide 5 million
Three million without interest rate for bhukampapidika
For the infrastructure damaged by an earthquake in punirmanaka 1 trillion 40 billion 66 million rupees
Budhigandaki the coming fiscal year, 33 million of budget 5 billion
The price of petroleum products has increased 5 dollars! Petrolasahita air fuel and kerosene 5 percent tax levied on infrastructure is.
4 billion 20 million allocated for postal highway
KATHMANDU Nijgad Fast Track 10 billion
Digital CC taxi meters
Kathmandu – Aug. detailed study of the railway will be
Within 5 years rider embossed plate
The public housing program 1 billion 72 million
5 billion for prime agricultural project
Agriculture harvest as collateral to obtain a loan arrangement
The government of the house acarasanhitabina water, electricity and phone service allowing
Anyone having dry land production by 25 percent penalty
Large industrial sector through dedicated 24-hour power will be given special

nepal budget 2076
School Area Development Programme 26 billion for the government allocated 50 million
Government Food Institute, National Trading, agricultural materials center, and government institutions to declare the merger of the National Supply Company
Makwanpur mayuradhapama Madan Bhandari Technical University to become a
Nepalese health insurance to all be 3 years
The government debt provision of educational certificate security thread
A village for a doctor to read the law in the same village MBBS student scholarships
September 2077 year month drinking water in the valley
2 years 2 to buy six ships
50 percent discount on the treatment of journalists in public hospitals
Elderly allowance doubled, reached 2 thousand
Kathmandu Valley Four G mobile service
Parliamentarians has increased the rent allowance
Do not throw in the general elections abroad will be also found in Nepal
Now the new house should be made mandatory Solar Valley
Lawmaker election next year to work in the field of development to Rs 3 million to 50 million! Constituency 50 million for development programs and infrastructure development of the constituency for a special program will be given 3 million
Zero balance bank account opened all Nepalis