Nepal budget 2079 2080 is of 17 Kharba 93 Arba 83 Crore. Nepal budget 2079/80 has the following unique features. All the amounts in this budget is on Nepali counting numbers.

Nepal Budget 2079 2080 Highlights

Physical Sector

In the fiscal year 2022/23 the total allocated Nepal budget for development of air transport infrastructure is Rs 12 Arba 24 crore.

Nepal government will reduce internet prices to increase accessibility of internet to more people as announced in ongoing Budget Bhasan. National Cyber security center will also be established.

Motorcycles above 200cc will now become costlier. The government has exorbitantly increased the customs duty on motorcycles above 200cc through the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Economic Sector

In the fiscal year 2022/23 the total allocated Nepal budget for tourism is Rs 9 Arba 38 crore.

In the fiscal year 2022/23 the total allocated Nepal budget for Ministry of land management, cooperatives and poverty alleviation is Rs 7 Arba 4 Crore.

In the fiscal year 2022/23 the total allocated Nepal budget for the Ministry of Forest and Environment is Rs 13 Arba

Prime Minister Employment programme: Rs 7 Arba 5 Crore

Implementation of the health insurance programme: Rs 7 arba 50 crore

Health and population: Rs 69 arba 38 crore

Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security: Rs 9 Arba 13 crore

Budget allocated for Ministry of Education, Science and Technology: Rs 70 Arba 5 crore

Budget to build sports infrastructures: 87 crore

Budget allocated for Ministry of Education, Science and Technology: Rs 8 arba 30 crore (Technical and Vocational Education)

Budget allocated for urban water supply and sanitation projects: Rs 4 arba 44 crore

Budget allocated for the Ministry of water supply: Rs 37 arba 35 crore

Budget for the Ministry of Youth and Sports: Rs 2 arba 46 crore

Budget allocated for the Ministry of Physical infrastructure and transport: Rs 1 Kharba 61 arba 56 crore

Budget allocated for social security allowance: Rs 1 Kharba 34 arba 1 crore.

Budget allocated for women, children and senior citizen: Rs 1 arba 77 crore.

Budget allocated for Kathmandu-Terai Expressway project: Rs 30 arba 7 crore.

Budget allocated for Sikta Irrigation project: Rs 1 arba 88 crore

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Budget for the road tunnel development program: Rs 1 arba 19 crore

Budget for the development of energy sector: Rs 75 arba 10 crore

Budget allocated for Ministry of communication and Information Technology: Rs 8 arba 59 crore.

Budget allocated for Rani-Jamariya-Kularia irrigation project: Rs 2 arba 90 crore

Budget allocated for the development of electricity transmission and substation line is Rs 43 arba 95 crore.

Budget allocated for the ministry of Federal affairs and general administration: Rs 25 arba 3 crore.

Nepal Budget allocated for Ministry of Urban development: Rs 37 arba 73 crore.

Nepal Budget allocated for earthquake reconstruction: Rs 9 arba 44 crore.

Nepal Budget allocated for Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Project: Rs 5 arba 90 crore.

Nepal Budget allocated for agriculture and livestock development: Rs 55 arba 97 crore.

Nepal Budget

Tax Amendments 2079/80

  • Income tax slab for individual changed.
  • Tax rates for cooperatives increased
  • Tax rate for gain on disposal of land and building increased
  • Tax exemption on agriculture income (not all), business for dehydration of vegetables and cold storage
  • Tax rebate on export increased
  • Few disputed provisions inserted
Tax Amendments 2079 2080

Federal Budget 2079/80 – Summary and Highlights

Nepal Government will make a provision of NPR. 5 Kharba Micro Finance Fund to make Agricultural Loan easy.

Prime Minister Agriculture Advancement Program plans to bring/train 300 Agro Volunteers

Prime Minister Nepali Production and Consumption Promotion Program to be initiated. Preliminary allocation done of 3 Arab 45 Crore.

26 crores allocated to open Business Incubation Centres in all 7 provinces.

Minimum Foreign Direct Investment threshold to be revised to NPR 2 Cr. Approval of FDI within 7 days and process to be completed within 6 months.

License and renewal charges of hotel industry to be waived.

CAAN to be split up.

Second level regulator to be established to regulate saving and credit cooperatives

Industries to be established for the production of Chemical Fertilizers

Fund of Rs. 81 Crore to be established prioritizing Sugarcane Farmers

Agricultural Technician for each Ward to be managed

Next/Coming Year would be announced as Agriculture Production Year

Special Economic Sectors on priority

Employment opportunity would be provided in collaboration with private sector to extremely deprived group (ati bipanna barga)

50 years land lease provision to be made for operating industry.

Non-resident investment would be prioritized

Imports would be replaced by developing Service Sector – (aayat pratisthapan gariney)

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5.90 Arba Allocated to Prime Minister Agriculture Advancement Programme.

2.17 Arba Allocated to President Chure Protection Programme

1300 Arba Allocated for Forest and Environment Protection

One Doctor One Hospital management to be made

Vaccine to be provided for precaution of uterus Cancer

Employment to be increased by 30 percent.

Land Ownership to be guaranteed to 300 Local Level Refugees

8.88 Arba allocated for Ability Enhancement of Teachers and Students.

Free health checkup for students before new educational session.

10 lakhs Tourists targeted for coming year

Facility of Subsidized loan would be provided for Tourism industry

Budget would be segregated for Roadways development to reach tourist destinations

For tourists coming from China and India, Special programs should be organized in probable cities

Import targeted to be decreased by 20 percent.

Employments for 2 lakhs people to be provided in a year.

Planning to build hospital for teachers.

Requirement of license for real state business.

Made in Nepal products will be promoted.

Target to minimize the imports of rice, maize and wheat by 30 percent.

Plans to establish 100 food warehouse across the country and implement the farmer pension program.

Old age pension allowance will be provided at the age above 68.

Free screening service for non-communicable disease to the citizen above 40 years of age.

The head teacher of the school will be able to spend Rs 5 lakhs for school management and educational reform

Arrangement of Alternative energy to be made for the area not connected by National Grid

Start construction of Butwal-Gorakhpur 400 KB Transmission Line.

Making Metropolitan City and Sub-metropolitan City Gas Stove Free.

717 MW electricity to be added in National Grid.

Loan to be disburshed on the basis of educational certificate.

One house one electric stove to be distributed.

To make arrangement to take written exam within one month for driving license.

Internet charges will be reduce to make internet service accessible to all people.

10 percent quotas will be provided in IPO to Nepali working abroad.

Salary of civil servants to be increased by 10%.

The government has decided to issue national identity cards to all nepali citizen within 2 years.

Each branch of a commercial bank should disburse credit to at least five agro industries.

Medical college to be established in Dadeldhura

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The age limit of old age allowance decreased from 70 to 68 years.

Gautam Buddha international cricket stadium to be completed

Under pass to be constructed between Koteshwor and Baneshwor

Provision for License exams within 1 month of Application

LPG to be removed from Singhadurbar within Shrawan 2079.

715 megawatts of electricity to be added to national transmission Line

Beautification of Dhobikhola from Tukucha to Budhanilkantha to be done.

4 evacuation parks in Kathmandu to be established for disaster response

NEA shares to be provided to public as well

Reservations for Non-Resident Nepalis (NRNs) in the stock market.

Insurances companies to invest certain % in Infrastructural development.

Day lunch upto grade 6 to be continued

National ID card to be provided to every Nepali Citizens within 2 years

15 % increment in basic salaries of civil servants from Shrawan 1st 2079.

No vehicles to be purchased by the government in the FY 2079/80.

Major Changes in Direct Tax

PAN for all Federal, Province & Local – tax returns to be filed

PAN & Tax Clearance mandatory for Work Permit

PAN for car purchase

Digital Services Tax to be levied on the services provided by electronic transactions.

Threshold of exemption limits for individuals raised to 5 Lac for Single & to 6 Lac for couples.

Life Insurance Premium exemption raised to NPR 40,000 from NPR 25,000.

Tax to be levied on Business Process Outsourcing and other online based industries at the rate of 1%.

Major Changes in Indirect Tax

50% excise and 25% customs exemption on the recommendation of Department of Industries to be provided to the 4 wheeler production and assembling plants in Nepal.

90% exemption on the customs duty on the import of sanitary pad.

75% relaxation on custom duty on purchasing up to 2 school buses by community or public educational institutions

Budget of Nepal 2079/80 pdf

Nepal Budget 2079/80 full speech in PDF: Budget presented by Minister