Nepal Cricket team is going good with the amazing performance by Nepalese players. Recently, Nepal has defeated lots of strong teams and is emerging out as a new cricket power. CAN Cricket Association of Nepal is dedicated on development of cricket in Nepal.

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka were well known in cricket before. This time Nepal has emerged as a new best playing cricket country.

Here are five facts about Nepal Cricket and facts on development of cricket in Nepal.

#1 Pubudu Dassanayake

The role of Pubudu Dassanayake can never ever be forgotten in the cricket history of Nepal. His work was praised by Nepal Government and Cricket association of Nepal. His dedication on the field with Nepali cricket players showed the new path for Nepali players which inspired and developed more cricket techniques and skills.

Pubudu Dassanayake

#2 Government Support

Government has strongly supported Nepali Cricket team with full dedication. Government has provided monthly salary to cricket players to grow more efficiency and dedication on them. Nepal Government has planned for establishing international pitch in near future.


#3 Public Support

nepal cricket fan

Nepali people had never expected that Nepal may reach to the grand success in sports in international level so soon. Nepali People were sad seeing different football performances by Nepal in international level. As a rising star, Nepal cricket went drastically up and Nepal cricket has made a brand name in International cricket in a short time. Nepali people supported strongly for Nepali cricket. Nepali people supported their player through rallies, social medias and kept inspiring the players.

# 4 Captain Paras Khadka

It was a good luck for Nepal cricket played on the captaincy of Paras Khadka. Paras Khadka is strongly dedicated and devoted towards cricket. He even left lots of offers and kept struggling for progress of Nepali cricket. Paras begun his career in Nepali Cricket since 2004.