Massive damage due to Nepal Earthquake 2015 is a tragic situation for developing country like Nepal. Many ancient monuments, sculptures, temples, palace are completely destroyed by 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Nepal.

Big Earthquake hit Nepal on 2015 April 25 [Baisakh 12 2072 at 11:56 NST]. Nepal Earthquake 2015 has created lots of destruction in Nepal with more than five thousand of dead bodies.

It is estimated the death statistic cross ten thousand lives. Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Nuwakot, Gorkha, Lamjung, Sindhupalchowk are some district of Nepal were earthquake had a massive destruction. UNESCO protected Basantapur Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square were completely lost. Manakamana temple was also destroyed by earthquake in Nepal. Famous Pashupatinath Temple was partially damaged on its entrance gate.

We are near to 2016. Year 2015 left a bitter memory for all Nepalese. Nepalese need to lost many things. Hope 2016, a new upcoming year will be better for the country.

Nepal earthquake 2015

Death number due to earthquake in Nepal

  • Earthquake toll crosses 10 thousands lives.
  • Lots of people are still missing.
  • People are being rescued with national and international aid.
  • People on remote areas in Nepal are still helpless.

Latest Nepal Earthquake Notices

  • Earthquake has moved Kathmandu 10 feet south.
  • China, India, Singapore, Australia, Japan helped by sending rescue team to Nepal.
  • International organizations Redcross, Unicef actively helped helpless people in Nepal.
  • Norway, USA, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Bhutan, Japan financially helped Nepal.

Earthquake in Nepal Photos

Nepal earthquake photos collection which includes photos after earthquake in Nepal. These photos show the heavy loss in Nepal. We can imagine how much lives were sacrificed over there.

nepal earthquake 8
nepal earthquake
nepal earthquake 10
nepal earthquake 7

Nepal Earthquake Videos

This video is a cctv footage in Sundhara. It is near to Bhimsen Tower which was destroyed completely on earthquake.

Earthquake in Nepal video source: YouTube

Nepal Earthquake Rescue photos

People are actively engaged on rescue operation. First photo shows the Nepali red cross members actively participating on help campaign. Second photo shows the Chinese rescue team on search of people. Third photo shows the youngsters in campaign for helping helpless people in Gorkha, Nepal.

nepal earthquake 1
nepal earthquake 2
nepal earthquake

People helping Nepal from Abroad

nepal earthquake 4
nepal earthquake 5
nepal earthquake 6

This was the biggest disaster in 2015 in Nepal. Hope new year 2016 will be good for the country.

Earthquake in Nepal with damages till now

Strong Earthquake with 6.8 Richter scale at 6:30 pm on 18th September has caused the death of 8 Nepalese. 3 From kathmandu, 2 from Sunsari, 1 from Sankhuwasawa are said to be cause of death by Earthquake in Nepal.

Earthquake that occurred on Sunday evening has damaged the main building, kitchen, hostel and library of the Jyalsa monastery at Salleri, the headquarters of Solukhumbu district. The monastery has archeological importance.

Date (YYYYMMDD)Time (NST = UTC + 5:45)LatitudeLongitudeMagnitude(ML) 

Earthquake Felt in Nepal (Epicenter Outside Of Nepal)

Date (YYYYMMDD)Time (NST = UTC + 5:45)LatitudeLongitudeMagnitude(ML)
Recent Earthquakes
Date Time Latitude Longitude Magnitude(ML)
2015/02/14 17:06:45.51 27.42 87.01 4.5
2015/01/31 13:59:43.37 28.29 83.73 5.5
2015/01/22 03:42:34.66 29.36 81.03 4.4
2015/01/05 19:41:43.14 29.07 81.51 4.5
2014/12/18 15:32:13.60 27.73 86.52 5.9

Nepal Earthquake 2015 Destruction

  • Loss of life
    Human Body loss is regarded as a heavy loss by earthquake. Till now on April 27 2015 7:32 NST, 3500 dead bodies has been found. The number is estimated to reach up to 10,000. There are still lots of places left for rescue.
    earthquake nepal
  • Destruction of shelter
    earthquake nepal home shelter
  • Kathmandu Tower (Bhimsen Tower, Sundhara Tower, Dharara)
    Ancient tower dharara which signifies the history of Nepal has been destroyed totally. In 1990, heavy earthquake of 8.2 magnitude reduced its length from 12 to 9 number of floors. This time the earthquake of 7.9 magnitude has completely vanished Kathmandu Tower.
    dharara earthquake
  • Bhasantapur Durbar Square (UNESCO listed)
    basantapur durbar square earthquake
  • Bhaktapur Durbar Square (UNESCO listed)
    bhaktapur durbar square earthquake
  • Road destruction
earthquake road destruction
earthquake destruction on kausaltar road
  • CNN estimated 6 billion dollar of destruction by earthquake in Nepal.
  • Rescue works for Earthquake Nepal 2015

    Nepal is getting international level help and support for rescue operation. India, China, Pakistan, USA, Norway, Singapore has already sent their skilled team for rescue operation in Nepal.

    Donation collection for Earthquake Nepal 2015

    We request donors to donate Nepal Earthquake safely knowing spammers, scammers. We request donors to donate to authorized organizations like Red cross Nepal, Prime Minister National relief fund.

    We have been seeing lots of online funding appeals. Please stay away from such pledges unless is by well-known organisation or public figure.

    If you don’t find any, better deposit in Prime Minister Relief Fund.

    S.N.Name of BankAccount NameAccount No.Swift Code
    1Everest Bank LimitedPrime Minister Disaster Relief Fund00101102200012EVBLNPKA
    2Everest Bank LimitedPrime Minister Disaster Relief Fund00100105200270EVBLNPKA
    3Global Bank LimitedPrime Minister Disaster Relief Fund0411010000005GLBBNPKA
    4Nepal Bangladesh Bank LimitedPrime Minister Disaster Relief Fund035141 CNPBBNPKA
    5Nepal Bank Limited, KathmanduPrime Minister Disaster Relief Fund002-11-053313NEBLNPKA
    6Standard Chartered Bank Nepal LimitedPrime Minister Disaster Relief Fund01-0132438-01SCBLNPKA

    Some International Organization donation collection links:


    Financial Aids for Earthquake Nepal 2015

    • Indian prime minister Narendra Modi donates a months salary to PM’s National Relief Fund for those affected by earthquake.
    • Bhutanese Prime Minister came to Nepal with helping hands to earthquake victims.
    • Ramdev to help people in Tudikhel with food, water for free. He promised to build shelter home for orphan children.
    • All 540 LokPal Parliament members of India announced to provide 1 month salary to Nepal.

    Free Cargo Support for Earthquake Nepal 2015

    For all those living abroad, who wants to send relief materials to Nepal, these are some of the companies who offer free cargo.

    •  Goldcross Cargo, UK, Contact mr Ismail Amer Mirza ( 02080904848) (07886520342) to send humanitarian aid to Nepal on 0% profit margin. (shared by Ms Prasuna Kadel )
    • Jet Airways is taking free humanitarian cargos to Nepal. Fundraisers can contact officials for further info.
    • Qatar Airways is also taking free humanitarian cargos to Nepal.

    List of Important notice for Earthquake victims in Kathmandu, Nepal

    • If you are in lack of pure drinking water, make a call on 9851035527, 9841267426, 9841512955, 9801158100. Prasanna Sangroula and his teams are ready to help there.
    • Chaudhary group is providing free food. You can go to Chaudhary group noodle factory in Bhaisipati. (Rama Singh, CG group)
    • Kailash Bakery in Buddhanagar, Baneshwor, KTM, is giving away free breads, cookies and tea. Thanks to Pabita Basnet.
    • World Food Programme (WFP) provide food in emergencies, we get food to where it is needed. It is part of the United Nations system and is voluntarily funded. Contact numbers to call if there is need of food and water.
      Kathmandu, chakupat, patan dhoka, lalitpur : +97715260607
      Dadeldhura , kirtipur. [+97796410026] [+9779696410176] [+977969641072]
      Damak. Pani tanki, Jhapa, Nepal.[+97723582069] [+97723580270]
      Nepalgunj, Adarsha Nagar [+97781525132/ 524999/526041]
    •  Relief Centers for those who lost their houses.
      Campion School, Lagankhel
      Campion HSS, Gahanapokhari
      Chandbagh school, Basbari

    Nepal Earthquake volunteer program by Project Hope

    Nepal- Pending Disaster Response (Volunteer), Volunteers
    255 Carter Hall Lane
    Millwood, Virginia, 22646
    United States

    Recruiting Volunteers for Potential Disaster Response in Nepal

     ***This announcement will be updated as we have information to share. At the moment we do not know timeframes, costs, etc***

    Background: Project HOPE has played a crucial role in saving lives in regions hit by natural disasters over much of the last decade, in HaitiIndonesiaJapan, China and other parts of Southeast Asia.

    Mission: Project HOPE is currently providing site assessments in the areas devastated by the recent earthquake, and plans to move forward in responding with volunteer humanitarian assistance response teams. The needs are currently being evaluated, but in preparation, we are accepting volunteer applications for those willing to deploy to Kathmandu, Nepal. Desired volunteers will be willing to deploy with 24 hours notice.

    Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

    Dates: TBD

    Needs and Requirements: (specific needs are being determined and may change on a daily basis)

    • Orthopedic Surgeons
    • Primary care providers
    • ICU/ Critical Care
    • Acute Care
    • Pediatricians
    • Nurse Practitioners
    • EMTs
    • Mental Health
    • Operations, logistics and disaster planning
    project hope nepal

    Applicants must have at a minimum:

    • A passion for medicine and helping people.
    • Licensed specialists with updated credentials.
    • The mission will be challenging physically and emotionally, thus each volunteer must be active and in good health.
    • Being a team member, sometimes leading and sometimes following is a must. Flexibility toward accommodating change, adaptability, creativity, an adventuresome spirit, and a good attitude is also needed.
    • Must have at least one year of recent experience in their applied position in order to be accepted.
    • The ability to deploy during the exact timeframe listed above.


    • Transportation/ Lodging TBD
    • Volunteers are responsible for providing their own international temporary traveler’s health insurance.
    • Project HOPE will provide Medical Evacuation coverage.
    • Project HOPE will provide a uniform package (3 t-shirts, 1 polo, and 1 baseball cap).

    Malaria Prophylaxis : Yes

    Vaccine Recommendations : Routine vaccines- Make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines before every trip. These vaccines include measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, and yearly flu shot. Other vaccines to consider are Hepatitis A, Japanese Encephalitis, and Typhoid.

    Background, personal and professional reference checks will be performed for all candidates.

    Send questions to