Nepal election commission is the integral body of government responsible for conducting elections in Nepal.

It was the biggest dream of Nepali to have political stability in Nepal. The election commission is a constitutional body managed by the government in Nepal. It operates according to election commission law section 24, articles 245 to 247. The commission is responsible for conducting federal, provincial, and local elections as per stipulated electoral systems.

Election commission Nepal manages Nepal election

The first Nepal election commissioner was Subarna Shumsher Rana in 1951 A.D.

The presidents appoint all the Nepal election commissioners and have a work term of six years after the appointment. The chief election commissioner acts as chairperson of the Nepal election commission. Any Nepalese citizen possessing the qualifications mentioned below is eligible to apply for the election commissioners.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field
  • Not affiliated with any political party
  • At least of age forty-five
  • High moral character
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Major responsibilities of the Nepal Election Commission

Election Commission Nepal is one of the constitutional bodies of Nepal. It is the legal authority responsible for monitoring all the activities related to the election. It also has the function of registering parties and candidates and reporting election outcomes. The Election Commission Nepal (ECN) was established in 1951 as one of the repercussions of the 1950 revolution of Nepal. ECN is formed under the Constitution and the Government of Nepal.

The election is the heart of democracy. With the election, the residents and citizens can choose the person who will lead their locality and the country in general.

The first responsibility of the Nepal election commission is to conduct, supervise and control the elections for the critical positions of the state. It conducts elections for the president, Vice president, members of federal parliament, provincial assemblies, and local bodies. It prepares voters’ lists for the election and raises awareness of citizens’ voting rights. It even conducts awareness programs at the time of elections. It prepares a code of conduct for election.

The election commission is responsible for effective, fair, and unbiased elections in the country. For that, The commission prepares guidelines, laws, and rules for election and implements them. 

The election commission should raise awareness among voters and should make the election process completely effective. During the election period, the commission employs a group of around 240,000 officials, primarily civil servants, to monitor elections.

Election commission Nepal publishes the election results. The present election commissioner of Nepal name is Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya. The election commission of Nepal voters list is available on the official website of the election commission at voter list. It is also called Nirbachan Aayog in Nepali.

Election Commission Nepal Voting process in Nepal

“Voters” are citizens eligible to vote in an election. Voters should first be registered on the voter’s list. “Right to vote” is one of the cornerstones of democracy. The citizens can exercise their right to vote after a comprehensive and inclusive voters list. Voters’ registration ensures the eligibility of the voters to vote and the quality of the vote as well.

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Who can vote in Nepal?

There are specific criteria that a person should fulfill for registering themselves on the voters’ list. They are:

  • The person should be a Nepali citizen.
  • The person should have completed 18 years of age and acquired a citizenship certificate.
  • The person should be a permanent resident of an electoral area of a VDC/municipality.

Individuals who have completed 16 years can register on the voters’ list. However, to be able to vote, the person should have reached 18 years according to the law.

How to register a name on the voter list in Nepal?

The official website for ECN is You can register to vote via this official website. Follow the steps below:

voter list nepal
  • Go to your browser and type The homepage for election commission Nepal opens. The page is in Nepali.
  • In the main menu, go to “Matadata Namawali” i.e. voters’ registration.
  • In the box on the left side, you can see “Naam darta garne prakriya” i.e. the process to register on the voters’ list. Click on that, and the information regarding it will be shown to you.
  • The whole information regarding how to register, what you need to register, and where you need to go to register for the election is given in the link.

How to check the Voter list in Nepal?

If you want to check whether your name is on the voters’ list or not, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your browser and type The homepage for the election commission Nepal opens. 
  • In the main menu, go to “Matadata Namawali” i.e. voters’ registration.
  • Go to the link “Matadata Namawali” i.e. voter’s registration list.
  • The link opens in which you have to provide information about yourself to see whether your name is on the voters’ list. You must select the district, municipality/ village development committee, and ward number you provided while registering to vote.
  • Then click on submit. The list will be shown to you in which you can check for your name on the list.