Nepal election commission is the integral body of government responsible for conducting election in Nepal. Nepali citizens saw a bright day after years of instability, the national election finally took place in 2020 at two phases 26 November and 7 December. Now we have a government for 5 years lead by KP Oli.

It was the biggest dream of Nepali to have political stability in Nepal. The election has brought stability I country. Election commission is a constitutional body managed by government in Nepal. It operates according to election commission law section 24, article 245 to 247. The commission has responsibility to conduct election at federal, provincial and local level as per stipulated electoral systems.

The first Nepal election commissioner was Subarna Shumsher Rana in 1951 A.D. The current team of election commission is led by honourable Dr. Ayodhee Prasad Yadav. He is the chief election commissioner. He has completed his bachelors in law and Bachelor in Education. He has done MA in economics and is a gold medalist. He has completed his PhD as well. Similarly, the team constitutes of other professionals:nepal election commission

  • Election Commissioner Ila Sharma
  • Election commissioner Narendra Dahal
  • Election Commissioner Mr. Ishwari Prsada Paudel
  • Election Commissioner Mr. Sudhir kumar Shah

All the Nepal election commissioners are appointed by the presidents and they have work term of six years after the appointment. The chief election commissioners acts as chairperson of the Nepal election commission. Any Nepalese citizen possessing the qualifications mentioned below are eligible to apply for the election commissioners.

  • Bechelors Degree in relevant field
  • Not affiliated to any political party
  • At least of age forty five
  • High moral character

Major responsibilities of the Nepal Election Commission

The first responsibility of Nepal election commission is to conduct, supervise and control the elections of the important positions of the state. It conducts election for president, Vice president, members of federal parliament, provincial assemblies and local bodies. It prepares voters list for the election and raise awareness on voting rights of citizen. It even conducts awareness program at the time of elections. It prepares code of conducts for election.

The election commission is responsible for effective, fair and unbiased election in the country. For that The commission prepares guidelines, laws and rules for election and implements them. Recently on the 2020, election there was a lot of confusion among voters regarding voting procedure which resulted in cancellation of many votes. That is the weakness of Election commission.

Election commission should raise awareness among voters and should make election process completely effective. During the election period, the commission employs a group of around 240,000 officials, mostly civil servants to monitor elections. Even with so many reinforcements it is often accused of not being able to work effectively. The biggest achievement of Election commission would be the 2020 election giving country a stable government for 5 years.

Election commission Nepal publish election result. Present election commissioner of Nepal name is Dr. Ayodhee Prasad Yadav. Election commission of Nepal voters list is available in the official website of election commission on voter list. It is also called nirbachan aayog in Nepali.