Engineering, much like other science, is a broad discipline which has further several sub-disciplines as Mechanical, Civil, Computer, Software and so on. The different sub discipline covers different respective area. Engineers are the infrastructure builders of Nation. A developing Country like Nepal definitely needs a lot of qualified and skillful engineers. Engineers of any sub discipline must get registered with NEC to work in respective field. NEC was formed under the Nepal Engineering Council Act, 2055 promulgated by His Majesty the King on B.S. 2055/11/27 (11th March, 1999 A.D.). to ensure the proper functioning of engineering education and profession. It is currently headed by Chairman Er. Satya Narayan Shah. Nepal engineering council registration is in three categories as General Registered Engineers, Professional Engineers and Non Nepali Engineers.

nepal engineering council registration

Basically the objective of Nepal Engineering Council is to make the engineering profession effective by imposing proper systems and regulations. Further, NEC also provide registration certificate to engineers as per their qualifications. NEC prepares policies and plans for effective engineering profession. NEC also inspects and controls the engineering education to produce globally competent engineers. It provides licensing and permission to engineering institutions. It is not only concerned with registration but can only seize the license of an registered engineer under any unethical activities.

How to do Nepal Engineering Council Registration?

Every graduate from any field of engineering from any institution recognized by Nepal Engineering Council can apply for registration. Nepal engineering council has recently introduced online registration system. Complete details on the online registration system is given on the article later. The documents required for Nepal Engineering council registration is listed as. The documents needed for Nepal engineering council registration is same as Nepal Nursing Council Registration.

  • Passport size and auto size photo
  • Transcript, degree certificate and character certificate of bachelor level
  • Transcript of Higher Secondary Examinations
  • Character certificate of HSEB
  • SLC Mark sheet and character certificate
  • Copy of your Citizenship ( Both sides )
  • Signature of registered engineers denoting their authorization along with their name and registration number is required denoting their authorization.
  • Cash deposit voucher in Account of NEC in Rastriya Banijya Bank

Nepal Engineering Council registration fee (registration charge)

For graduates from Nepali University the Nepal engineering council registration charge is Nrs 3400 whereas the charge for graduates from foreign university is Nrs 4400. The amount should be deposited in Rastriya banijya Bank account number 1093. You can submit your online form along with this documents for registration process.

The approval of registration is done by the board meeting of Nepal Engineering Council and the meeting is scheduled in every 6 month. So, after few months only applicants receive their original certificate. Before there was system of issuing a temporary certificate by charging a fee of NRs 300 but the system has been waived currently. You no more have to pay extra NRs 300 for your license, you directly receive your original certificate. After six months of your application only you can receive your registration number. For further details, please visit the official website:

Contact Email address of Nepal Engineering Council:

Contact Number of Nepal Engineering Council: 01-4420655,01-4420656

Contact Address off Nepal Engineering Council: Naxal, Kathmandu