The step by step guide for Nepal Medical Council registration helps you to register on NMC. The important documents for NMC registration are listed. Medicine is not only a career or profession but is a moral science science as well. Medical invention is a boon to the human kind and so is the profession. People consider doctors gods for saving their beloveds life. In Nepal as well with a dream of becoming a doctor thousands of students study MBBS. Nepal every year produces thousands of doctors from different field. Similarly, there are many well equipped and facilitated hospitals. But to start practicing as a doctor in these hospitals, MBBS graduates must receive their license from Nepal Medical council and should get registered with Nepal Medical Council. Nepal Medical council is sole institution in Nepal that looks after the licensing and registration process. Apart from this, NMC formulates and regulates policies to ensure quality in the medical field. In the article I have listed the complete procedure of getting registered with NMC. For now there are different five types of registration in NMC as:

  • Provision Registration
  • Specialist Registration
  • Permanent Registration
  • Foreign Nationals Doctors registration
  • Temporary registration

Just like Nursing registration and engineering council registration, registration of NMC is also followed by a licensing exam. Every applying candidate must pass the licensing exam which is taken thrice a year to cover wider applicants and of course to maintain quality standards. Registering with NMC is only possible with passing of licensing exam. The licensing examination is also conducted and supervised by Nepal Medical Council. Those who cannot pass the licensing examination don’t have chance in becoming a professional doctor. Licensing exam tests the ability of candidate as a doctor, similarly it is beneficial to test if foreign degree holders are competent enough to work in Nepal as a doctor.

nepal medical council registration

For the licensing examination you can fill the examination form online and take you examination in mentioned date. You can fill your online form from the link:

Step by step guide for Nepal Medical Council Registration

I have mentioned the application process briefly. Follow the given steps to fill your form:

  • Visit the official website of Nepal Medical Council Exam department:
  • Register by filling your personal and academic details along with your email address. Fill the required details with an email ID. You will receive a notification of verification in your email instantly.
  • Once you fill in the details, click on submit.
  • Once the application opens, apply for the examinations.
  • You will be asked to make payment. You can pay through E-sewa.
  • Once you pay for your exam, you will receive your exam card. Download the admit card for future reference. You will require the card for your exam.

 Nepal Medical Council Registration Required Documents:

  • Attested copy of citizenship
  • Copy of SLC marksheet and certificate
  • Attested copy of 10+2 or equivalent marksheet and certificate
  • Attested copy of MBBS marksheet and certificate
  • Copy of internship certificate of at least 6 months
  • Passport size photo
  • Bank voucher of Nrs 2500
  • For graduates of foreign university, you will require a copy of NMC or any other medical council or authorized body’s provisional certificate.