Nepal Police has released a notice regarding the vacancy available for 2079. The government organization, Nepal Police, is responsible for Maintaining law and order in the country.

Notice Date: February 12, 2023

Nepal Police is welcoming those interested in working for them through the announcement of vacancies. Various posts are available, including the position of a police officer, through open competition under the inclusive provision. To apply for the position, the individual must visit the office directly. However, there are various criteria to be met by individuals, including Age limit, Physical fitness, and education qualification.

Nepal Police  Position Available 2079

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Similarly, the Nepal police have also provided information regarding the types of exams an individual should pass to qualify for the post. The exam includes a preliminary health examination or physical examination, a Practical exam, a Detailed health exam, and an interview. Furthermore, a physical fitness test, a written exam, and an interview are often used in the selection process for Nepal police positions.

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Application Fee (Dastur):-
Rs.200 (two hundred) should be paid in the application form. If a person is willing to apply for more than one post, the rate of 20 percent (Rs. 40) will be shown for each application.
Age Limit:- Must be 18 years old and not more than 25 years old by the last date of submission of the application form.
The minimum number of qualifications required are provided below:-
(a) Educational Qualification: Basic reading and writing,
(b) Not receiving ink in ethical pin mining fraud,
(c) not being a member of a political party,

(d) not being a member of a rating organization,
(e) has not been dismissed from employment in such a way as to disqualify him from holding general government employment in the future;
(f) the eye is not more than minus 2 or plus 2,

(g) Height, Chest, and Weight:
• Men- height 5 feet, chest 31-33, weight 50 kg.
• Women-height 4 feet 10 inches, body weight 42 kg.
(b) Confirmed by the Nepal Police Chief’s Office and received a certificate of exemption from the applicant (in the course of conducting the examination), (j) Nepalese citizen.

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