Nepal Strike Notice 2076. Nepal Strike Notice 2020. Nepal Strike hampers the whole life of Nepalese, arise difficulties in people. This type of strikes should stop forever. All list of Nepal Banda has been listed over here. Please see this to pre-plan for your work.

Strike-ChartNepal strike is not a good thing for a country. The developing nation like Nepal must be in the way of economic stability. This type of strike hampers the country with a huge economic loss. It is said that billions of transactions are ceased due to strike. The custom office gets zero earning during the strike. The import and export business is totally destroyed. Strike must be end forever. All the political parties should be responsible to make a economically stable Nepal.
Those party who announces strike are not made for Nepal. They do not want Nepal being economically stable. With a different unnecessary demands, Nepal must not be ceased. All people in the country should be equally responsible for making a country strong.

Kathmandu Strike Notice

Notice of Kathmandu Strike has been circulated towards facebook pages. This is the notice taken from facebook page named Routine of Nepal Banda.

We hope for No Banda, This type of Bandas’ Must not be done. I have heard many of them have board exams. This type of strike really disturb mind of students, teachers as well as business man as a whole every one.

The notice neither has stamp nor signature. So, we are confused of Banda announcement. Please prepare for your examination for tomorrow if you have exam. Banda may not be there.